The PC gaming E3 show launched in early access

Title The PC gaming E3 show launched in early access
Author Nick Diamon
Posted in News
When June 16, 2015

Consider the first-ever PC gaming E3 press conference a beta product. Hosted by Sean "Day9" Plott, sponsored by PC Gamer and AMD, it featured every cliche you've heard about PC gamers..

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Obvious console bias on this site.

After seeing that PX game thing, I'm gonna become a console fan boy.

What I'm saying is: that show was awful. Day 9 did the best he could with the terrible material, but gods, what terrible material. Next year I hope they can find a sponsor that doesn't make hardware, so they won't feel compelled to keep showing graphics engines.

Really, most of E3 is the PC E3 show. They may not acknowledge its existence, but most of those games everyone else shows are going to wind up on PC in addition to whatever platform was trumpeted.

I lol'd.