The "PC" label is complete bullshit

A typical example seen in this thread:

Wherein a poster calls Princess and the Frog PC for having the gall to have a black protagonist.

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Silly me…

anyways - not sure what to discuss here, Disneys move to incorporate other than its normal western-style princesses or whether or not PC is a bad word now?

I like the idea, if its done for the right reasons in the disney case. For fun, and not out of any kind of sense of needing an afro-american princess for political correctness.

Btw - where did I state that disney had the “gall”?? You’r trying to get an issue out of something that is a non-issue, at least to me. I’m not american, so I doubt PC means the same to me as it does to you

I’m sure the movie is great, and I’m looking forward to seeing it - but it does look like Disney glanced at their very profitable Disney princess line and realized they needed some more cultural variety. They have Jasmin and Pochahontas (if she’s a princess?) and I don’t know if Mulan qualifies.

There seems to be an implication on the part of certain posters that cultural variety is incompatible with artistic expression. This does not compute.

The music in the movie was pretty awesome.

Since Anders is Swedish, and you appear to be Danish – I’m thinking this must be some coded argument about who was really the true defender of the protestants during the 30 Years War.

Oh, I certainly won’t argue with that. If you don’t want to watch Disney because they’re money-grubbing and do cookie-cutter stories, I certainly won’t complain.

Agreed entirely, Anders. “PC” is pretty much wholly invented by the right-wing as a bogey-man to justify their feeling of persecution because they can’t use the n-word anymore.

heh, could be - but I know for a fact that it wasnt me ;-)

Wait, aren’t they from Louisiana or something? How is that not “normal Western-style?”

Ohhh, I get it. By normal, you mean white.

context please, or is that too much to ask? The entire sentence is: “Disneys move to incorporate other than its normal western-style princesses”, i.e. disneys normal western style princesses, which yes, is white supermodels look-alikes, even Pocahontas…

Seriously, are you alluding my comment is somehow racist, or is it just a normal R&P gut-reaction to stir the pot?

Mulan definitely qualifies; I remember people making a big deal out of how the way her eyes were used to signify beauty was incredibly groundbreaking for Western animation. I even wrote about it in sociology class when I was 16.

Unless you’re wondering about the term ‘princess’. I think ‘princess’ is just the equivalent of ‘Bond girl’ in Disney movies, though really, I can’t even think of a single minor character of African descent in any of them, unless you count the Lion King.

No-one would disagree that Disney probably should have some positive black characters in its pictures, but it seems that people only object to it when it’s a conscious decision. Whatever, it’s a good move.

DEFINITELY the second one. Your explanation makes sense, though I fail to see how Pocahontas fits the mold (or Jasmin or Mulan or Nala). But she still looks like a supermodel, just not a white one, so it’s really not much of a stretch for them.

Wait, so they should only unconsciously create black characters?

“We just started drawing, and we animated it all, and finally someone was like, ‘oh hey, the protaganists are black!’ And we were all like, ‘Wow, we didn’t notice until now!’”

Also Ariel.

We’re considering gingers to be non-western?

No, but merfolk are a definite minority.

So basically we have damp danish barbie, pantalooned persian barbie, action asian barbie, witched white barbie, indigenous indian barbie, and puny pixie barbie?

Oh, there have been a couple. Sort of.

That is…quite the link.

That’s what people crying “PC!” seem to be implying, yeah.