The Peripheral - William Gibson's future London from Amazon

If you Google a movie, the first Google results have a Google curated thing, where one of the tabs is “watch” and it’ll show you all the options to watch a movie.

Very helpful, thanks!

But… where can I see it in black and white? (Robert Longo interview)

Hot damn, that actress who played Inspector Lowbeer should get a supporting nod. What a performance!

Holy shit, it took me six episodes to realize that Tommy is Lincoln Clay. But in the sixth episode, his first scene, first sentence and I immediately heard it.
Another reason to like this show.

Just his voice or did they kind of model the game character’s face on his? I knew he seemed familiar from the start, but couldn’t place him.

Also the young Scottish Chinese-origin actress (the character with the moving tattoos) is in a series I’m following on PBS’ Masterpiece Mystery called Annika with the always amazing Nicola Walker.

Good to know, thanks. I actually watched part of it (Johnny Mnemonic) and in the beginning it was a bit surreal seeing what was supposed to be a demonstration or something in 2021 China where everybody in the crowd had what looked like an n95 mask on. I was thinking “how prescient” but obviously people in Japan at least have been wearing paper masks out in public for a long time now as an everyday thing.

She’s Cho from Harry Potter

Face too.

Ha, no wonder!

Can also search for where to watch X, and it’ll go to that list immediately.

Just got around to watching Friday’s episode drop and though I like the worldbuilding and the characters, it feels like the plot is barely advancing. There’s only two frigging episodes left in the season!

Yeah, the show got going pretty strong in the second episode but since then it’s been at about half the pace/plot progression it needs to be. I get the strong sense the book only spooled out to 4-6 episodes but they’ve tried to extend it to 8, perhaps for contractual or economic reasons. The novel is not that long. 4 episodes would probably be about right, maybe 6 on the outside. 8 is just sloooow. Also, although I haven’t read the books it’s pretty clear the first book only gets the ball rolling and there’s a ton of answers outside the scope of this season.

I suspect this show is going to be one where I feel like the first season is OK only if the later seasons pay off. And the pacing is a real issue. OTOH it remains good looking with a good cast so…

The plot of the show bears basically no resemblance to the plot of the book. The premise/setting is basically similar, some of the characters have the same names, but that’s about as far as the similarities go.

I have to say I’m not really liking it. Slow, as noted, and too much emphasis on what seem to be pointless fights. When I think about any William Gibson book, I don’t really think man there are some great fight scenes, and I don’t remember them for that.

I agree wholeheartedly; this is my main critique of screen adaptations of “cyberpunk” in general: nobody wants to take a risk and really go all the way for the aesthetic, because it’s too… off mainstream. Everybody knows what cyberpunk is, and everyone is wrong. Well, not everyone. Just enough to make any capital investment a losing proposition, until some genius comes along.

I thought Tron: Legacy did an OK job, with some surprisingly apt programmer references. It was… a step in the right direction.

Yeah, I want to like it so much! But “the people who brought you Westworld” are doing their best to make it dumb and uninteresting (I couldn’t stand Westworld and noped out after a few episodes).

Well, William Gibson seems to like it, so that’s good, at least.

Maybe he likes it in the way John Carpenter likes the newer adaptations of his movies.

This show…I also wanted to like it. It has some visual style, but the writing is…weak. I also feel like the action scenes are pretty bad in places. Specifically some of those fist fights. I’ll finish it out, but I guess we’ll see if it even gets another season.

I was laughing out loud for several minutes at the end of the last episode; good flex.

This show just keeps getting better.