The Pesky MPEG 4 Conversion

Any recommendations on a good program to convert from avi/etc. to MPEG 4 so I can watch stuff on my PS3/ipod?

I’ve messed with some of the free versions and have been left feeling unsatisfied.

PS3 Video 9 has worked perfectly well for me as far as getting things on the PS3, but I haven’t tried using it for an iPod.



nice but slow.

lol, be sure to free up 2 hours for that method…

Oh I think PS3video 9 is what I used on my last computer. I’ll have to get it when I get home from work.

Gah, both the GPU-accelerated encoders were fairly awful quality last I checked,

Try Handbrake. It’s got PSP and iPod presets, and seems to be well multi-threaded to make sure you’re squeezing all the encoding power you can from your PC.

quick media converter will also work.

Videora was pretty quick on a dual core.

screencap of 1080p mp4 on a ps3 converted from badaboom version 1.1

took 30 minutes

It recodes a 45min TV-show episode for my PDA in about 11 minutes, on my old single-core.

If you call that slow you’re high.

I use handbrake but I’ve been thinking about trying this:

Now that Handbrake works on more than just ripped DVDs I think its about the best overall. I just use the different presets and they work great for me.

Do you have Nero? Nero Recode works great for PSP, iPod, etc.

takes 3 minutes in badaboom, so yeah that’s slow.

With what kind of CPU?

It can take 3 minutes in handbrake too, and it will still look better.

Handbrake uses x264, which is good and made of kittens.

I call crap on that statement, as the last time I used it, it took 1 hour to process a 20 minute clip on a xeon workstation. When it comes to smartphones/ipods it’s all the same quality-wise.
and most encoders use x264 nowadays.

you should be asking about the gpu, not cpu.