The Pick-Up Artist - Season 2

This is my big guilty pleasure of the moment - The Pick-Up Artist on VH1. Anyone else watching? Probably not? It just has everything I look for in a reality show - goofy host (“The World’s Greatest Pick-Up Artist”, aka Mystery), uber-geeky contestants, advice on picking up girls (some cheesy, some common sense, and some actually interesting), and nerds overcoming social awkwardness to become babe magnets (not unlike another favorite of mine, Beauty and the Geek). I regularly watch like 3 non-sports programs on tv and this is one of them. I don’t know what’s wrong with me. I just find this show immensely entertaining.

The first time through (which was more than a year ago, IIRC), I didn’t really watch it, so much as sat in the same room as my girlfriend while she watched it. Of course, I did actually enjoy it at the time.

It was fairly entertaining. I didn’t realize they were bringing it back.

I watched it and just started on the second season.

I’m sad to see they didn’t re-work the format of the show to take advantage of the amazing bonding that took place between the guys in the first season and looks to be happening in the second season as well.

The guys aren’t seeing themselves as competitors. They’re looking for personal improvement, not to beat the guy next to them, and a co-operative format would greatly enhance the show.

Yeah, I was disappointed the fat guy got kicked off before actually doing anything. Dude needed help and instead he gets the boot. I think a format where they just play for rewards each week and maybe do some kind of weekly ranking to determine an eventual winner at the end of the show would work. Maybe do one or two cuts during the season if they think it works better to focus on a smaller number of interesting contestants towards the end.