The Pigeon Tunnel: an Errol Morris documentary

Didn’t see anything about this here, had no idea this was coming. Really looking forward to it.

Yes, please.

Looks really interesting:

One aside from the review:

(although how exactly he was recruited [to the intelligence services] is a question on which Morris does not press le Carré – perhaps his Oxford tutor, the ecclesiastical historian Vivian Green, always a kindly presence in his life, had something to do with it).

I had a friend studying Maths at Oxford - this was in the mid-90’s - who was invited to a drinks reception by his tutor, no particular reason given. There were several other high-flying students there along with a man who had not been introduced - at one point he cornered my friend and asked him if he’d ever thought about serving his country. My friend realised what was going on, and (having politics well to the left of most) laughed and said no, of course not, and that was the end of the matter. But I thought it was interesting that this was still a method of recruitment.

…at least, he said that turned him down…