The Plane that Disappeared: Netflix documentary caters to conspiracy wackos?

I heard @Tim_N has grandparents who are from Russia or once visited there, so clearly his post can’t be trusted.

I feel like in the third episode where the French journalists theory (interception) is presented, the show doesn’t do enough to rebut it. It’s basically cuts to a couple of people saying “that’s crazy” but it would be nice if they gave the arguments against the theory even half as much time as they spent presenting the theory.

Ah, you might be right as I fell asleep in parts of episode 3 and totally missed this (newborns are haaard).

I remember the French journalist explaining that since the data and evidence behind the prevailing explanation does not constitute 100% proof, it somehow means that more outlandish theories are just as valid. I think exposure to this logic caused my brain to spontaneously shut down as I lost consciousness right after.

That journalist really relished being on the show, to the point that she would say anything to get the opportunity.

I do own a tshirt of a ww2 plane with “catch-22” written in Russian underneath it, I probably should have disclosed this before participating in the thread.

So you’re saying you have a history of spreading Russian propaganda. Very interesting.

Clearly all other posts in this thread–and thoughts in our heads–are just as valid as what Tim has said about this film. I, for one, choose to believe the documentary was directed by epic British filmmaker David Lean, and lacking any evidence either way, I think I have proven my case!

(moving to Netflix thread as to not take away from the conspiracist discussion)

I watched the first episode, and I think that I am done. Things are really drawn out, and there doesn’t seem to be a clear hypothesis on what happened that the doc is going towards.

A shame, because this is a really interesting topic, and deserves a really good doc.

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