The PlayStation 4 does not play VHS tapes or vinyl records

Title The PlayStation 4 does not play VHS tapes or vinyl records
Author Nick Diamon
Posted in News
When October 30, 2013

Sony has posted the ultimate FAQ for the PlayStation 4 and there's some disappointing news for media hounds. First, the next-gen console will not work as a client for media servers or have DLNA support for streaming movies from a PC. The system will not play audio CDs..

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Will it still play MP4 files? I use my PS3 to play Rifftrax VODs off of an external hard drive, and I'd be pissed to lose that kind of functionality.

Yeah sorry dude. External drives are out too...

Bastards! What was the point in letting you transfer PSN files to them? That was a great, logical feature!

*cancels pre-order*

OK, Gabe... time to step up.

I get the feeling the PS4 is going to be a "slow burn" like the PS3 before it. At least that machine had the benefit of lots of backwards compatibility with PS2 and PS1 games and accessories, as well as other media formats. Maybe they should just call it something completely different, since it doesn't seem like a Playstation anymore. Maybe VitaMAX could be its name.

Just when it was looking like Sony could ride all of MS's missteps to market domination, they had to go and Sony it up!

Umm. Did you spell background deliberately wrong? Either way, terrible news, I don't give a toss about background music, that's what literally every other electronic device was invented for but no audio CD's? Bad.

Without being able to stream content from my pc, ps 4 just died as a household machine. It is no longer a media center, but just a sad gaming box

VitaMAX sounds like a supplement. Sony could market the PS4 as a suppository.

Uh....okay. I don't really give a shit about playing MP3s on it, but the PS3 serving as a media server client/DLNA hub was one of the most useful things about it. Why take away one of the few selling points your prior system had? (Yes, the 360 also could act as a media server client, but it wasn't as good at it for various reasons.)

The FAQ now has a footnote about the media server functionality:

*We appreciate your feedback and are exploring possibilities.

Well, good. The PS3 is basically the media machine in our house, as I'm sure it is in many, and the loss of that functionality would be disappointing.