The Playstation 4

I especially liked Lost Legacy actually. I think it’s my favorite Uncharted since 2.

Lost Legacy is really good. Stand alone mostly, and trims a lot of the fat from the numbered games.

Lost Legacy illustrated that there was less fat to trim in UC4 than one would have thought. (Which isn’t to say that UC:LL was bad, just that it wasn’t as good as UC4. And the difference was mostly that they couldn’t really fit in as compelling a main plot in the shorter game).

I disagree here in fact I thin LL may be the better game.

I’m with jsnell. UC4 is nearly perfect. And as much as I enjoyed LL, it does not come close to having the grandeur OR emotional impact of 4.

So, how 'bout this year’s limited edition console?

anyone know if an active decoder (like a HT receiver) is needed from PS4 optical output to go to normal 3.5mm miniplug input of PC speakers? or just a TOSlink to 3.5 cable is enough?

Some kind of DAC will be needed. 3.5mm plugs are analog and optical is digital. Something like this would work:

For going to powered speakers I’d recommend using an RCA to 3.5mm cable instead of the headphone jack on the DAC.

A number of speakers and soundbars have built in optical inputs also. Depends if you are trying to integrate with existing analog components or a simpler solution.

Thanks, QT3 Hivemind. I was worried I’d need a DAC. LOL and I just sold my AudioEngine one in some KonMariing fit.

Recently installed the YouTube app, but I can’t get it to authenticate so I can get access to channels and such. It accepts the login credentials, but then hits a web page that times out or something (edit: “Sorry, something went wrong” accompanied by a picture of a monkey holding a hammer). Meanwhile, Google sends me an email asking for permission, which I accept, and that changes nothing. Anyone manage to successfully make it through this process?

No, but I’m going to try it out on Monday, so that I can get the U.S. Open. I can report back then. I was going to use it only on Xbox, but I’ll try it on PS4 as well.

Thanks, Rock8man, much appreciated. Googling the issue only pulled up a bunch of other similar complaints.

So our new PS4 (it’s got about 20 hours on the clock) is showing issues with the controller already; the left analog stick appears to be drifting to the left, so menu selections shoot over to the left, and characters in game suddenly really want to go left.

Is this a common problem with dualshock controllers, or are we just really unlucky? Unfortunately as this was a gift there’s no way of getting it replaced, but I guess if the price is a new controller then so be it.

I’ve never heard of this problem before. Even if it’s a gift it still should be under warranty. Maybe you can send in the controller for repair. If you don’t want to wait then buy another and eventually have two.

I don’t think it was bought locally, so returning it (no doubt they’d want the whole thing back) would probably cost more in hassle etc than buying a replacement controller. And you’re right, if we get it fixed then we have a spare.

Yeah, that’s not normal. We’ve gotten hours upon hours of usage out of many DS4s here and I’ve never seen that. I think it’s a defect.

Just be sure the stick is centered when you turn on the console as a check against that.

Yes, stick definitely centered, verified on three separate launches now - and clearly getting worse - so it does seem like a defect. Just our luck!

I love the escalation on internet repair advice for this:

  1. Spray some compressed air in there and waggle the sticks.
  2. If that doesn’t work, take the entire thing apart into a million pieces and replace the faulty parts.

Yeah you just got unlucky. It is a widespread issue on the Switch though to the point Nintendo is replacing joycons basically no questions asked.

The only problems I had with the PS4 controller is either on L1 or R1. One of the shoulder buttons sometimes gets stuck, and I’ve had that problem since about late 2014 I think (I got the console at launch in 2013).

And of course, the rubber on the thumbsticks has deteriorated by now.

But thankfully no problems on the stick centering.