The Playstation 4

I believe that’s correct. It must be FAT32 formatted.

I believe I went with FAT32 (googled while troubleshooting) but I’ll have to double-check.

I’d forgotten how oddly hard it is to charge the PS4 controllers. None of them charge by directly plugging them into a USB/wall charger. Most USB cables are apparently not compatible. I can either plug them into the PS4 directly, while it’s on, or I can use one particular Anker external battery - the other two external batteries won’t charge them either - with one of two particular cables. No other combinations works.

I plug it into my PC using the cable that came with the controller. It works.

Yeah, charges no problem for me on PC or using several USB chargers I have.

I bought this when I bought my PS4 Pro last year. Charges two controllers at a time, and also provides additional USB ports. Recommended if you have the space.

I also have no trouble charging them with a wall USB charger and cable that came with some Bluetooth speakers. Never seen any trouble charging them or knew of them having a reputation of being picky about chargers or cables. You might just have some flaky controllers?

I spent $30 on a charging stand a couple of years ago and it was the best investment ever.

I always play with my controllers plugged into the console so I never have to worry about charge.

I know PS3 controllers wouldn’t charge except plugged into the console. PS4 ones should work fine into any charger.

That’s been my experience too, very picky. Charging dock is your best bet.

They can be picky, but I just took a few minutes testing every wall charger I had in order to find the ones good for the purpose, and deploying the others elsewhere.

Sure they do. Any powered USB port

The PS4 controllers are notoriously difficult to charge. This is a known fact and it’s complete bullshit. I’ve got countless cables that won’t work but are fine for everything else. Anker brand seem to be the most reliable but using the USB ports on the PS4 itself even they may not always be seen.

It’s something they need to fix for PS5.

Knowing Sony, they’ll find a way to implement an even flimsier connector for the PS5 controller’s charging port.

Mine would only charge plugged into the PS3.

The thing I hate about them is how if you plug them in, just leaving them sitting how they would normally sit puts their weight right on the charge plug, which does not seem like it is built for that long term.

I bought these magnetic-tipped cables on Amazon. I keep a little bit in the port of my controller (and each of my devices). I can use any cable on anything. Problem solved.


He missed the PS Vita, is that the joke?