The Playstation 4

…ah. OK. I thought maybe there was a way to get images in an e-mail or something that I was missing. I even Tweeted mine to check!

You beat me my total hours by 5 hours!

However, I played 3 games, and you played only 2. So you have me beat on that account.

The reason I don’t want to sell my PS4 yet is I still have the P.T. demo downloaded onto my PS4 from that one E3. I need to get around to that. Then I’ll be free to consider selling it.

Different link

I played a lot of Apex. Probably put another ten hours in on PC if I had to guess as well as at least three or four on Xbox One. Jedi time is interesting to me. That’s my playthrough without doing a lot of backtracking to find stuff I missed on Jedi Master difficulty.


We were talking about this on Twitter and apparently Free To Play games and those that don’t require PS Plus are not considered online even if they are.


I forgot I played Soma on Playstation, not PC


I played my consoles more in 2019 than any year since probably…Sega Genesis or maybe even the Atari 2600.

Does this only work if you pay for PS+ (which I don’t) ? I tried, and it gave me a message about minimum amounts of playing online, etc. I nearly beat Horizon:ZD and kicked NMS around in VR a bunch, so I definitely put hours in…

2019 was the year of [Daytona USA music] PERSONAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! [/music]

I wish I could see the rest of my list, though, because…good lord…

that one…and that one…no, played Horizon: Zero Dawn in 2018…add 3…carry the 1…
…yeah, I have no idea how I clocked that many hours.

998 hours in only 71 days. That’s some serious poopsocking right there.

Friendship ended with PLAYSTATION 4.

NINTENDO SWITCH is my best friend now.

I have the same problem. I haven’t played much in the past 3 months but I definitely put in more than 10 hours last year.

I just got the same notification, but I was unsure if I hit 10+ hours or not. I certainly don’t have PS+

What do I win?

A paperweight, that’s what.

I got a theme. It’s kinda cool. Nothing you can’t live without though.

Only available in US and Europe and those are two different links (see above).

Oh different links. Hey this worked for me then.

But the one above didn’t.

Got my PS4 around Black Friday 2018, almost finished Spider-Man in 2018, and then my kids mostly took it over, but still managed in 2019 to use it as my Dead Cells machine:

130 hours total

I’ve been trying to go through the backlog (Almost done!).
That’s 6 years of PS+ and whatever else.

Maybe it counts the TV apps?

Me so boring

Total games played: 21
Total hours: 434

Not bad for a console I only use for exclusives (all multiplats are played on the One X).