The Playstation 4

Yeah, Spider-man is an absolute delight.

I love Days Gone.

This thread got me thinking about the quantity of exclusives as well. Bloodborne was one of the main reasons I moved to the PS4 from a 360 (Microsoft’s pre-release positioning of the Xbone is the other, along with memories of too many RRoDs). It turns out I only bought 6 PS exclusives:

MLB: The Show (1 or 2 years of this game)
The Last of Us Remastered
Marvel’s Spider-Man
Days Gone
Ghost of Tsushima

My jury is still out on Days Gone, and I’m early into GoT. But while that’s a short list, it feels completely worth the price of admission (and it sounds like God of War is one I need to not miss).

While I owned more games in the previous generation, this generation feels better, certainly because 2 of the best games I’ve ever played - Witcher 3 & RDR2 (both, albeit, cross-platform) - came out during my PS4’s lifespan.

Maybe I just have recency bias, but as the sun is setting on this round of consoles, just more of the same feels great to me.

I think my exclusives were:

  • Bloodborne
  • Uncharted 4
  • Uncharted lost legacy
  • Until Dawn
  • Horizon zero dawn
  • Spiderman
  • God of war
  • Hidden agenda

Which is a really strong list. Last of Us 2 would be there otherwise, except I might want to just save it for PS5 rather than suffer with a base PS4.

On one hand maybe that doesn’t sound like a lot. But Xbox had no exclusives I was interested in for the whole generation. Switch had none that I ended up liking. There’s basically no question that if I buy another console, it’s a PS5. The only thing that would make me think twice is if Xbox removed the paywall for online play and PlayStation didn’t.

PS4 was still 1-2 exclusives per year, plus whatever non exclusives that had delayed PC versions. So the console was definitely worth it.

This discussion is making me realize I should buy Ghosts of Tsushima if only to justify the purchase of the stupid console in the first place. Right now I’ve used it for Bloodborne and DmC: Definitive Edition, which is a special edition that only exists on console but I could probably live without, so I’m calling it 1.5 games. Plus some console demos and timed-exclusive access to Salt and Sanctuary, Nioh, and Nioh 2, which look like crap at 720p, and I ended up re-buying them on PC anyway, so the value proposition is questionable.

That’s the sum total of value for my $350 purchase. LOL!

GoT would be throwing even more money down a rat hole, but at least it evens things out. I’m probably being an irrational consumer here. But hey, stabbing people.

Indeed. And yet I can’t help but notice that many of them are very much of a type, lots of third person open world adventure games. Which isn’t a bad thing to my mind, I play an awful lot of those - but I guess that’s my point, I play a lot of those without owning a PlayStation. I do like to look at how the other half live though, and see what I might be missing out on. I keep thinking one of these days there will be that golden app that pushes me over the edge.

Relevant thread with all these recent posts:

Alternatively, ebay it and put the money towards an equally neglected PS5…

That was totally me as well. The RDR2 PS Pro bundle + getting HZD Complete for 10 bucks during a Black Friday sale, then Spider-Man a few months later for 25 or so, then TLoU Remastered for a net price of free from Amazon a bit later (which I have yet to unwrap), and Dad of War + Ghost of Tsushima still to be bought, why not?

I wonder what type of PS4 news we’ll see later this week.

It’s why I bought a PS4 Pro (and it was well worth it). Came with 3 GoTY exclusives:

Horizon Zero Dawn
God of War

The other thing to remember is that while many of these may not be exclusives now, they were for at least a year.

Digital Foundry check out the effect of a fast internal SSD. Loading times halved, texture delays banished, menus still suck.

I often have dreams about buying a huge SSD for my PS4 pro. Just a little late in the gen for that, and if I was future proofing for use on PS5 I’d go with a NVME based drive in a USB 3.2 case for the fastest game copying possible. Prices over 2TBs remain crazy, though…

I bought a big external 2TB drive for my PS4, because even after this generation, I can still use that drive.

And yeah, it makes everything WAY better.

I feel kind of dumb now. I’ve got a 512GB NVME drive sitting unused in an enclosure after I replaced my laptop’s with a 2TB. Really should have hooked that up to the PS4, though I’d need to find a USB A to C cable. How easy is it to transfer games already in progress?

You have to close the open game to transfer but it’s pretty straightforward. I recently transferred all my games from the external back to the internal so I could use the external elsewhere.

Actually, now that I think about it, maybe I should forget about games in progress and put Bloodborne on it and give that another shot. I had to give up because I was spending longer looking at loading screens than playing.

I’ve got a 2TB internal drive and a 2TB external drive on my PS4 Pro. Both mechanical, though.

I did the 1TB internal swap with a $90 SSD. Not too difficult, though the instructions on copying data to a USB were a bit tricky.

  1. Most USB drives wont fit in the front ports - use the back
  2. Make sure you get the FULL firmware package (it was difficult for me as a first timer, as the instructions featured the upgrade firmware much more prominently - can’t remember exactly how), which contrary to the documentation now takes a larger Thumb drive than they say (1GB recommended, but not enough space for a full firmware now and which was the only one I had which could fit the front slots before I remembered the back and switched over) as of a couple of months ago.

So are you all running a fast external drive? Can you use that AND your internal storage on PS4? These CoD updates are killing me on a 1TB Pro.

Yeah, you can use both at the same time. You can move games back and forth at will.