The Playstation 4

Regarding the Fortnite/Epic account locks, and overall blocking of crossplatform play:

In other news, water is wet. Nice to see confirmation from an inside source, though.

That makes no sense. It’s not being used on PlayStation. Epic runs the servers that the game clients connect to. There’s no “load” or cost to Sony.

Of course it makes sense. Sony likes money, so they’re locking accounts to their platform to lock their users in.

Seems like a good way to get users to just choose a different platform if they’re going to fake wall off third party gaming like that.

If cross-platform play was commonplace and Sony’s move was a sudden change, perhaps. But it isn’t, Sony is heading it off.

What Sony wants here is for you to buy your Battle Pass and your skins and whatnot through PlayStation rather than another platform. They get a cut that way and the other guys don’t.

This is definitely new territory for free to play gaming that’s going to be hashed out (or not) over the next few years.

That was before Fortnite, and Fortnite is not the only one.

They should then care about all outside bought content, yet they let PC cross.

Let’s not forget that this game was on Sony’s platform before it had the wildly successful Battle Royale mode. Epic probably had very little leverage when they first negotiated the contract but PC being cross-play was probably the one thing they could do with it based on their history as a PC developer first?

That said, only Epic makes PC dollars… not Nintendo and Microsoft… so that probably explains that.

Hey, for folks interested in free games:
There’s a game that’s currently free on PSN called “Absolver”.

It’s actually… really good.

It’s a melee fighter, with an online component.

Most of the game is an open world, which reminds me somewhat of a cell shaded Dark Souls type environment. A big, windy world that is broken into various regions. No load times between any of it. You run around and are attacked by NPCs. Also, there are other players running around, and you can fight them, or help them.

The combat is both simple and deceptively deep.

You have a “Combat deck”, which allows you to assign moves to one of the two buttons. You really only have two buttons for combat, Square and Triangle, plus a dodge button. But your combat deck lets you assign pretty much any move to them.

The depth comes in that there are essentially 4 “stances” that you can be in. Each stance has a certain subset of the moves which can be used from that stance, and when the move is finished, it puts you into another stance. So, pushing square will execute different moves depending on what stance you are in, and your stance changes based on what moves you execute (and you can also manually flip into any stance). So designing your combat deck becomes a matter of setting it up so that you can fluidly move through different stances and attacks as necessary.

Additionally, your character has a “style”, which gives it some additional skill. Like being able to absorb attacks, or slowing down an opponent when you dodge their attacks.

You start out with a fairly limited set of different moves, but you learn new moves by having opponents attack you with them and either blocking or dodging them. If you block or dodge a new attack that you don’t know, and then you end up defeating that opponent, you will learn that move. Or rather, you’ll gain “experience” for that move, and after you dodge or block it enough, you’ll learn it and be able to add it into your combat deck.

You also find armor and weapons and stuff. Weapons have their own moves, used in the same way. Armor is very much like Dark Souls armor, in that different pieces have weight, which slows you down, while offering different amounts of defense against different types of attacks.

Anyway, I highly recommend checking this game out. It’s free for PSN+ members this month.

“Thank you for buying our system! Would you like to celebrate by buying another?”

Man, I hate the limited thing with something like this. Let everyone celebrate with you!

The very spontaneous “our schedule says we have to release another special edition now, but there are no good anniversaries to hitch it to; let’s pretend that it’s for a sales milestone we passed a year ago” celebration.

Well no one to blame but gamers. If they buy it, they’ll make and sell it.

Not gonna lie, it does look pretty good. Although… the regular ol’ model of any console looks as good, if not better.

I was going to ask if people who already have a PS4 Pro will really buy another one just because this one is slighty transluscent blue, but I’m probably not going to like the answer.

I think it looks really cool. I’d consider swapping Pros to get one. I could use a new controller soon though, so even just getting that would be fine.

It looks pretty sharp, but the 2TB storage is the most tempting part. But I already hate how much light is thrown off by the console and controller, so I don’t think translucent versions would be a good lateral move.

If I can get one , I am. Along with them fancy fingerprint gloves, lol.

PlayStation Now updated to let you download games for local play ala Gamepass. So people with less than uber Internet connections can make use of the service.