The Playstation 4

…except for PS3 games, which was the entire point of the service originally.

The PS3 streaming was always just a stepping stone. PS Now was announced at the same time as the PS4 in Feb, 2013. At the time they outlined a lot of goals which included not just streaming PS3 games, but using streaming to instantly demo PS4 games, start playing them immediately after a purchase without having to wait for the install and playing your games across any client connected to the internet. It was all built on top of technology acquired from Gaikai and OnLive which focused on streaming PC titles.

Anyway, allowing downloads to members on compatible hardware is a pretty logical evolution. PS3 downloads were never going to happen on PS4 because the hardware is simply not capable of emulating the architecture.

Perhaps you’re thinking of something they discussed in regard to the Gaikai acquisition. Playstation Now was announced at CES 2014 with PS2 and PS3 games being streamed to variety of devices, including phones.


Either way I agree this is a logical step since you can purchase PS2 and PS4 games via digital download already.

That was when they announced the branding. Half the 2013 Playstation meeting was about streaming:

Would a Red Dead Redemption be one of the games you can download?

No, that’s a PS3 title. Streaming only.


The RDR2 bundle pushed me over the edge after being on the fence for a long time.

Any accessories you guys can recommend to someone playing in more than one room? Ideally some sort of dock I could install near each of my two TVs.

I just put vertically on the carpet next to a table-leg. That way if the heavier side falls over, it falls into the table-leg next to it (which is only a millimeter away). No accessory needed.

So did anyone get the 500 million limited edition PS4 in the end? It was pretty scrumptious.

Do you have a Pro? I think I remember one side is where many of the air intake vents are and keeping it vertical on the carpet can be a bad news. At least I thought I remember that being a thing.

This sounds like a situation where holes need to be drilled. :D

It’s a launch PS4. And it’s the same orientation that they showed with the stand that Sony sells. So I’m probably safe. :) Besides, it’s worked great for almost 5 years now.

So like this, but without the stand:

It’s finally happening. Name changes will soon enter beta, and will roll out to everyone in 2019.

So I’ve just unexpectedly entered the world of modern console gaming after being gifted a PS4 at work about 10 minutes ago. So … um … as an almost purely PC gamer, any recommendations on what to do with this thing? (it’s the “Limited Edition Blue” 1TB model, fwiw)

What kind of games do you like.

Strategy and RPG for the most part. My twitch skills have sadly diminished with age, lol.

God of War, the recent Spider-Man, The Last of Us (Remastered), Uncharted, Blood Borne, and Horizon Zero Dawn are, I believe, all PS4 exclusives which will appear on most people’s “Best of” lists.

I personally didn’t click with HZD, and haven’t played Spider-Man yet.

Do a little research and see what appeals to you the most. I would start with The Last of Us, because its cheap and amaaaazing :).

I would also recommend The Last of Us Remastered. It starts off slow and kind of frustrating, but keep in mind that the uneven (and sometimes insane) difficulty is part of the world building. Push through, it’s totally worth it. One of the best games of all time in my opinion.

Things you can’t play on PC that are either RPG, Strategy, or will meet with your twitch skills halfway at worst and easily at best…

Persona 5
Uncharted Collection/Uncharted 4
The Last of Us Remastered
Horizon: Zero Dawn
Shadow of the Colossus
The Last Guardian

Also, if that’s the 500 million edition, that thing is worth a mint. It’s a hell of a gift!

Is it this one…?