The Playstation 4


The thing that makes me mad about this is… they probably wouldn’t have to force MP behind a paywall. The games, the added discounts, and just getting people to explore to find out how good those things are. I mean Xcom 2, God of War 3, these are not lower tier/cheap games. I’d probably sub just for access to games I wouldn’t normally try on my own and the discounts. The fact that it’s tied to MP just makes me angry.


I’ve actually been pretty happy with the PSN sales for us pleebs (non PS+ members) lately. I bought the Uncharted collection for $8, and it was the same price for PS+ members. I bought Ratchet & Clank for $10, and it was maybe a dollar cheaper for PS+ members. Usually most sales I would have saved a dollar more for each game by being a PS+ member, and I’m okay with not saving that dollar.


@Dan_Theman Flash sale this weekend includes Persona 5 for $25. If you’re looking for a long JRPG on the PS4, you can’t do better than Persona 5.


Supposedly there’s a PS4 messaging bug. Went to change this but my stuff was already set to friends only.

How to restrict messages on your PlayStation 4 to friends only:

A) From a web browser, you can visit this URL. Sign in with your PS4 account credentials. Choose “Personal Info | Messages” and then select the edit button near Messages. From here, you can choose anyone, friends only, or no one. Until Sony fixes this bug, you should choose one of the latter two options.

B) From the PS4 console, go to Settings —> Account Management —> Privacy Settings. Choose “Personal Info | Messages” and then select Messages. From here, you can choose anyone, friends only, or no one. Until Sony fixes this bug, you should choose one of the latter two options.


Halloween sale is on.

Can someone please, please get Spear of Destiny the Kaiseki and Sword of Fortress the Onomuzim off of the PSN store? Those have been on sale 24/7 for as long as I can remember… at a rather paltry 30% too. Has anyone ever bought that crap except as a joke? (don’t do it)


I see we have a QT3 community for PS4, I invited myself.

@marquac join up!


For whatever it’s worth, I joined too. Or, er, invited myself. I suppose if I get better at RDR2 and the online stuff looks fun, I’ll seek you guys out. Still flailing around in the snow.

What’s a good over the ear headphone w/ mic option these days, that’s not too expensive? Looking for something wired, if possible, unless the bluetooth option works well and doesn’t suffer from latency, etc.


86.1 million!


Figured it was time for an upgrade so I splurged on the PS4 Pro RDR2 bundle. Sorry if this feature was already discussed upthread but I was actually pleasantly surprised how easy it was to transfer files from my launch PS4 to the Pro. If anyone is thinking of doing an upgrade, just make sure you have a spare lan cable for the data transfer.


Very nice, I was surprised how much smaller and quieter the PS4 Pro is compared to my PS3 slim.


Yeah, it is a pretty slick piece of hardware. I am also happy that all my old save files are backed up and transferred. I am probably around the 75%-80% mark in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey and I would hate to start over from scratch at this point.


So it seems increasingly likely I’ll be buying a PS4 in the near future, as my wife can’t wait until the PC version of RDR2.

Seeing as we only have an old 1080p plasma TV, does it make sense going with the standard version PS4? The main advantages of the Pro are for 4k, right? There’s little chance we’ll be getting a 4k TV in the foreseeable future, unless this thing blows up I guess, and even then we are most likely to stick with a 1080p set (there’s zero reason to have a 4k TV for us other than a console, and it’s likely we’ll only buy a handful of games on it anyway, as we did with our 360).


All games perform better on the Pro for the most part, 1080p or not. It was noticeable in Fortnite for example when I upgraded. My kids have regular systems so sometimes I notice the change in framerate watching them.


Last year during the holidays they had awesome deals on the slim. not so much on Pro. I actually expect Pro to shine this year. We’ll see.


Thanks, I think re: performance I was remembering older Sony spin about the Pro’s power only being used to enhance resolution and not performance. I guess that didn’t last long.

Nesrie, I’m not sure I can get my wife to wait that long! She just quit her job for various reasons, and needs some decompression time.


The launch PS4 and XboneS are not really capable of 1080p. The PS4 Pro and XboneX are.


The Pro also supports 5G internet if you have it. Makes it a good box for streaming shows when you are not playing games.


I can totally understand that but man, you are so close to black friday and cyber monday, less than a month away! The pro bundles should be pretty good. The Slim was under 200 last year. Who knows if they will beat that or not but i suspect they’re pushing those bundles this year.


Walmart leaked a Spider-man bundle with a 1TB Slim PS4 for $199 recently that is likely the big PS4 Black Friday bundle this year.


The cheapest I can find a Pro here at the moment is around US$400. Some stores have started doing black friday deals in the last year or two, I’ll see if we can hold out til then.