The Playstation 4

Dark Eclipse (PSVR F2P) is shutting down next week on the 15th.

This will also include the single player modes.

PSVR Iron Man gameplay. Wallet Threat level extremely high, sir!

Do not watch the above video if you get motion sickness. It kicked in on me almost immediately.

Willpower gone. Pre-ordered the PSVR Iron man bundle for 7/3 curbside pick up. Best buy had it in stock, includes headset, controllers, camera and “deluxe” game (theme + 4 skins).

I am such a nerd.

$381 after tax for an 8-10 hour game.

The fear of motion sickness is what’s keeping me away from VR. I get motion sick very easily (can’t ride in the backseat of a car for instance).

I do nearly all of my PSVR gaming sitting down, and have never, ever felt the slightest bit motion sick.

The Iron Man demo is one that you absolutely cannot do that for, though- the way you have to hold and move your hands and arms (like he does in the movies) precludes that. You can physically turn to turn while flying, but there’s also a 90-degree snap feature that you have to use to make some of the turns in the course. The first time I did that- flying forward full speed and then snapping right- I nearly fell over, my equilibrium was so messed up. Still, no actual motion sickness, though.

I’ll probably pick this up in the next couple of weeks. It was pretty fun.

Not sure if it’s different for VR - but I used to get Motion sickness reading in a car after 2-3 minutes. I decided to try and see if i could train my body to ignore it over time. So over about 2 weeks of taking 20-30 minute uber rides too and from work I made a point of reading as much as I could to see if I could overcome it. Turns out I could and can now read all I want in the backseat of a moving vehicle (or at least could pre-COVID - I’ll bet there has been some regression)… Each day I could read a bit more (like 1-2 extra minutes) and I kept going until I felt decently nauseous but not overly nauseous. Of course ymmv

The PSVR is… not great. Especially compared to the Oculus Quest.

Hardware wise. Software wise PSVR has some of the best VR titles, AstroBot and Wipeout VR are top tier. Iron Man seems like it has potential.

Yes, good clarification. The PSVR hardware is awkward to use and tracking is flakey.

It’s the only VR set I’ve used. It’s fine. I haven’t had many problems with tracking (Well, except Megaton Rainfall, but that whole game was pretty flaky). Like I mentioned upthread, hand tracking in the Iron Man VR demo is excellent.

It is pretty low-res, though. VR versions of normal games (like Skyrim and No Man’s Sky) look terrible compared to their counterparts, but the immersiveness makes up for it.

I’m just hoping the cables are long enough for my setup.

Oh, and I’ve only done VR with a phone. Been waiting on good wireless for the PC, but… Iron Man!

Cross posting reminder.

20 GB update installing…

Knack 2 is apparently on sale for $5 in the latest PSN sale. Am I crazy for being tempted even though I played through the first game and was never tempted by Knack 2 before? That $5 price point calls out to me, even when the game doesn’t, apparently.

Wow, a reminder from February that I’m hopeless when it comes to my PS4 backlog. Nevertheless, I continue to be tempted on every PSN sale for games I’ll probably never play. (As an illustration, since that post, I’ve bought Tetris Effect and Marvel’s Spider-Man).

My current wishlist temptations in the PSN sale:

Gran Turismo Sport $12
Astro Bot Rescue Mission $10
Ni No Kuni II $15
The first Ni No Kuni was also showing as on sale to me yesterday, but is not today for some reason. Hmmm.

I have a little over $10 in my PSN wallet, so if Gran Turismo Sport was two dollars cheaper, I would have bought it.

You really need to play God of War if nothing else, fantastic game.

PS Plus August is Modern Warfare 2 Remastered and Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout

No kidding, easily one of the best games of this generation. Complete package.

yeah I am playing it at the moment, i am crap at these games so playing on easy but i am loving it.