The Playstation 4

All the people with early codes for Fall Guy seem to be loving it. Could be another Rocket League-esque hit.

It was one of the pack-in’s for my PS4 Pro. Had to play Spider-Man first (finished the main campaign, saving the DLC), and flipped a coin between Horizon Zero Dawn and God of War. Plowing through Horizon Zero Dawn for now (~60% completion per the in-game stats).

Amazingly enough, my gaming ADD hasn’t really kicked in while playing these games. I’ve mostly been able to stay on point and plow through without getting distracted by a new ‘shiny’ or getting stuck by some quasi-moral dilemma, or some other blocker’. I may actually be able to go back and finish Witcher 3 one of these days!

I went through my underused PS4 Pro last weekend. I had a 2TB drive as external storage. I was able to delete all the games now on PC. I also deleted all the PSVR games - I will never put that headset on again with the Quest available.

I deleted the games I’ve finished, such as Persona 5 Royal, and Infamous Second Son.

That left me with just a handful of games - the Uncharted series, Final Fantasy 7 Remake, God of War, and Spider-Man.

What am I missing out on? I don’t enjoy Dark Souls-like games.

I’ll quote myself from upthread a bit and update it a bit:

Games I already played on my PS4 since I got it at launch:

Resogun (excellent)
Killzone Shadow Fall (decent)
Knack (decent)
Watch Dogs (terrible) (also not a PS exclusive, so ignore this)
Last of Us Remastered (mindblowingly excellent)
Infamous Second Son (good)
Infamous First Light (good)
Uncharted 2 and 3 (meh)
Grow Home (excellent) (not an exclusive?)
Never Alone (excellent) (not an exclusive)
Galak-Z (excellent) (not an exclusive)
Don’t Starve (excellent) (not an exclusive)
No Man’s Sky (very good in the beginning, but they kept patching it adding busywork) (not an exclusive)
Bloodborne (excellent) (maybe ignore since you’re not a Souls fan)
Ratchet & Clank (meh)
Tetris Effect (excellent for Tetris fans) (not an exclusive anymore)

And here is the games I own that I haven’t gotten to yet on PS4:

Shadow of the Colossus Remake
Horizon: Zero Dawn Complete (won’t be an exclusive anymore next month)
Wipeout: Omega Collection
God of War 3 Remastered
God of War (Dad of War)
Rez Infinite
Day of the Tentacle Remastered (not an exclusive)
Uncharted 4: A Thief’s end
Uncharted: Lost Legacy
Psychonauts in the Rhombus of Ruin (not an exclusive?)
Grim Fandango Remastered (not an exclusive)
The Last Guardian
I still have to finish The Old Hunters DLC for Bloodborne (and the end of the main game) (not a Souls fan? Ignore)
Marvel’s Spider-Man

Will eventually get:
Last of Us II
Ghosts of Tsushima

Interesting. So I’ve played 16 games on my PS4 while owning it from launch. And I’ve got 16 to go. So I’m halfway through my PS4 life.

I guess what surprised me is the constant discussion of PS4’s amazing exclusives. I’ve enjoyed most of the ones I’ve played but in hindsight they don’t seem as numerous as they used to be.

One or two superlative experiences can lift the whole thing up in your mind. Which is as it should be. I had a year of PS+ which was overall pretty worthless, but because of it I discovered Galak-Z, a game I would have never discovered otherwise, so the whole $40+ I spent on that was worth it because of that one game. Same with the exclusives, Act 3 of The Last of Us was just one of my favorite moments in gaming, so it made owning a PS4 for the exclusives completely worth it even if I don’t end up getting to that same high in the remaining list.

I think it is a console exclusive for the PS4, there’s an XB1 version of the sequel but not the original. It is definitely a neat game with a unique (to me anyway) mechanic.

I was thinking it was also on PC, but I wasn’t sure. That’s why I put the question mark on that one.

I do own the sequel on Xbox, but couldn’t get into it. They made getting started a little harder in the sequel.

Btw, I tried out Marvel’s Spider-Man and holy shit, the first time you go swinging through the City is an eye-opening moment. I just can’t believe how smooth it feels, and how gorgeous everything looks. We’ve come a long way from the PS2/Xbox era Spider-Man games. Those were good, but this modern game just looks and feels amazing in the comparison.

(Kind of a shame that this is a PS4 exclusive. I know I don’t say that for any other PS4 exclusives, but it just feels like a popular superhero like Spider-man should be more widely available to everyone. Hopefully they’ll port it to the PC someday).

This game alone justified owning a PS4 for me.

Woah. This thread just made me double-take, the PS4 was released 7 years ago? I’ve been slowly mulling whether to get another console once I’m through my Wii/Wii U backlog, and still in my brain thought the PS4 was a recent machine.

Welcome to old age.

Yeah, Spider-man is an absolute delight.

I love Days Gone.

This thread got me thinking about the quantity of exclusives as well. Bloodborne was one of the main reasons I moved to the PS4 from a 360 (Microsoft’s pre-release positioning of the Xbone is the other, along with memories of too many RRoDs). It turns out I only bought 6 PS exclusives:

MLB: The Show (1 or 2 years of this game)
The Last of Us Remastered
Marvel’s Spider-Man
Days Gone
Ghost of Tsushima

My jury is still out on Days Gone, and I’m early into GoT. But while that’s a short list, it feels completely worth the price of admission (and it sounds like God of War is one I need to not miss).

While I owned more games in the previous generation, this generation feels better, certainly because 2 of the best games I’ve ever played - Witcher 3 & RDR2 (both, albeit, cross-platform) - came out during my PS4’s lifespan.

Maybe I just have recency bias, but as the sun is setting on this round of consoles, just more of the same feels great to me.

I think my exclusives were:

  • Bloodborne
  • Uncharted 4
  • Uncharted lost legacy
  • Until Dawn
  • Horizon zero dawn
  • Spiderman
  • God of war
  • Hidden agenda

Which is a really strong list. Last of Us 2 would be there otherwise, except I might want to just save it for PS5 rather than suffer with a base PS4.

On one hand maybe that doesn’t sound like a lot. But Xbox had no exclusives I was interested in for the whole generation. Switch had none that I ended up liking. There’s basically no question that if I buy another console, it’s a PS5. The only thing that would make me think twice is if Xbox removed the paywall for online play and PlayStation didn’t.

PS4 was still 1-2 exclusives per year, plus whatever non exclusives that had delayed PC versions. So the console was definitely worth it.

This discussion is making me realize I should buy Ghosts of Tsushima if only to justify the purchase of the stupid console in the first place. Right now I’ve used it for Bloodborne and DmC: Definitive Edition, which is a special edition that only exists on console but I could probably live without, so I’m calling it 1.5 games. Plus some console demos and timed-exclusive access to Salt and Sanctuary, Nioh, and Nioh 2, which look like crap at 720p, and I ended up re-buying them on PC anyway, so the value proposition is questionable.

That’s the sum total of value for my $350 purchase. LOL!

GoT would be throwing even more money down a rat hole, but at least it evens things out. I’m probably being an irrational consumer here. But hey, stabbing people.

Indeed. And yet I can’t help but notice that many of them are very much of a type, lots of third person open world adventure games. Which isn’t a bad thing to my mind, I play an awful lot of those - but I guess that’s my point, I play a lot of those without owning a PlayStation. I do like to look at how the other half live though, and see what I might be missing out on. I keep thinking one of these days there will be that golden app that pushes me over the edge.

Relevant thread with all these recent posts:

Alternatively, ebay it and put the money towards an equally neglected PS5…

That was totally me as well. The RDR2 PS Pro bundle + getting HZD Complete for 10 bucks during a Black Friday sale, then Spider-Man a few months later for 25 or so, then TLoU Remastered for a net price of free from Amazon a bit later (which I have yet to unwrap), and Dad of War + Ghost of Tsushima still to be bought, why not?