The Playstation 4

I wonder what type of PS4 news we’ll see later this week.

It’s why I bought a PS4 Pro (and it was well worth it). Came with 3 GoTY exclusives:

Horizon Zero Dawn
God of War

The other thing to remember is that while many of these may not be exclusives now, they were for at least a year.

Digital Foundry check out the effect of a fast internal SSD. Loading times halved, texture delays banished, menus still suck.

I often have dreams about buying a huge SSD for my PS4 pro. Just a little late in the gen for that, and if I was future proofing for use on PS5 I’d go with a NVME based drive in a USB 3.2 case for the fastest game copying possible. Prices over 2TBs remain crazy, though…

I bought a big external 2TB drive for my PS4, because even after this generation, I can still use that drive.

And yeah, it makes everything WAY better.

I feel kind of dumb now. I’ve got a 512GB NVME drive sitting unused in an enclosure after I replaced my laptop’s with a 2TB. Really should have hooked that up to the PS4, though I’d need to find a USB A to C cable. How easy is it to transfer games already in progress?

You have to close the open game to transfer but it’s pretty straightforward. I recently transferred all my games from the external back to the internal so I could use the external elsewhere.

Actually, now that I think about it, maybe I should forget about games in progress and put Bloodborne on it and give that another shot. I had to give up because I was spending longer looking at loading screens than playing.

I’ve got a 2TB internal drive and a 2TB external drive on my PS4 Pro. Both mechanical, though.

I did the 1TB internal swap with a $90 SSD. Not too difficult, though the instructions on copying data to a USB were a bit tricky.

  1. Most USB drives wont fit in the front ports - use the back
  2. Make sure you get the FULL firmware package (it was difficult for me as a first timer, as the instructions featured the upgrade firmware much more prominently - can’t remember exactly how), which contrary to the documentation now takes a larger Thumb drive than they say (1GB recommended, but not enough space for a full firmware now and which was the only one I had which could fit the front slots before I remembered the back and switched over) as of a couple of months ago.

So are you all running a fast external drive? Can you use that AND your internal storage on PS4? These CoD updates are killing me on a 1TB Pro.

Yeah, you can use both at the same time. You can move games back and forth at will.

Super easy.

I picked up Spiderman recently because everyone raves about it. Seems like a pretty bog standard open world game with lots of icons in it: a carbon copy of Batman: Arkham City or Infamous or Saint’s Row 4 or… Is there really anything that distinguishes it?



The ScreenRant contributor* and YouTuber Ryan George has conditioned me to follow those words with “barely an inconvenience!”

*The “Pitch Meeting” videos.

In open world structure? Not really. But the swinging is a way more fun method of traversing the world than any other open world game, and the combat system mixes up the Arkham formula in interesting ways.

You have no idea how quickly I added “barely an inconvenience” in my mind. Those are still the best movie-mocking vids on youtube. Quick, not necessarily mean, and generally actually funny. Ya, ya, ya.

I too do this all the time, in out-loud conversation too.

  1. Its version of Manhattan is closer to the real Manhattan than even Grand Theft Auto 4’s Liberty City was
  2. I thought the villains, heroes, sidekicks and other characters were really well presented. After almost twenty years of Spider-Man movies (but not reading or caring about the comic book character) I thought I had seen everything a Spidey story had to offer. But the writing is sharp. The core of a do-gooder trying to do good but being stretched way too thin is captured perfectly. Even the sea of icons of sidequests on the map reminds you: you can’t be everywhere, Peter Parker! You’re letting your Uncle Ben down! There’s a little more room for light, love and laughter than Arkham City, anyway.

(The corollary to the first point is that, while it is really cool to swing by Alias Investigations or Doctor Strange’s place or Baxter Tower, NYC suddenly seems really empty without those heroes’ actual presence. Especially when bad stuff happens to the city and they’re presumably all chilling on a beach somewhere.)

I think it takes all the best elements of the Spider-Man movies (up to and almost including the anarchic elements of Into The Spider-Verse, which was released later) and lets you play them with some unique twists in an open-world setting.

If you don’t care about Spider-Man, then yeah, there’s not too much new here. Though I don’t think Infamous featured a Stan Lee cameo.