The Podcast Thread


So there’s a monthly book thread, and there’s hope for an ongoing comic thread as well. It’s surprising that there isn’t a podcast thread at all.

I’ll start with a few.

1> Game Theory - by Gary Whitta, and some other guys I don’t know.
2> Creative Screenwriting - Interviews with writers and directors
3> Sub pop records - for updates and samples of indie music.
4> BBC nightly news.

I’m pretty sure I’m missing a lot of good ones for business and news.

So what are you guys listening to on your podcasts?


Bill Moyers Journal
Game Theory
Shields and Brooks | NewsHour with Jim Lehrer Podcast
The Ricky Gervais Show
Gaming Steve
The Marc Steiner Show (local talkshow from my hometown, Baltimore)


Summers I worked at a computer all day, so I got into the habit of listening to waaay too many podcasts, most of which have survived into the school year =/. Now I wake up like, early in the morning and have to immediately put on a podcast, assuming I slept alone, listening to it while I shower and such just to get through everything. I have to take long walks just to finish my damn podcasts!

The BBC podcasts like World Report are great, as are NYT’s Front Page.

Cranky Geeks
PC Mag
Gearlog Radio
EGM Live
Game Theory
Gamespot Hotspot
GFW Radio
IGN Games Podcasts
Maximum PC
PC Gamer Podcast
Player One
This Week in Tech
1up Yours

I used to listen to quite a bit more, but I stopped because they weren’t unique or interesting enough. A great show to listen to for someone who works an office job or is in any environment where he can wear headphones all day would be All Games Interactive, a daily show that lasts 2 hours a day and takes call-ins and has a live chat, too. It’s rowdy, though, and probably most people over 30 wouldn’t want to listen.

My favorites are EGM Live, Retronauts, and GFW Radio. 1up Yours used to be awesome, but has steadily decreased in appeal to me since Luke left…


GFW Brodeo
NPR: Car Talk
A Way with Words
Word Balloon
Bill Moyers Journal

Edit: Forgot the often excellent Gamers with Jobs, and the occasional Comic Geek Speak.


GFW Radio
One Life Left
Mark Kermode’s Film Reviews
Start the Week (BBC)
From Our Own Correspondent (BBC)
Newspod (BBC)


Gamers With Jobs’ weekly podcast is the only one I listen to regularly.


Gaming: 1UP, GFW, Gamers with Jobs
NPR: This American Life, Radiolab, Sound of Young America, Theory of Everything (on hiatus?)
Programming: Drunk and Retired, Floss, Hanselminutes
Techy: Twit, Macbreak, Twim, misc from itconversations
Comedy: Kasper Hauser Podcast, Onion
Music: Sounds in My Head


This American Life
Major Nelson
The Onion Radio News
BattleStar Galactica (in-season)

Some Episodes:
Fresh Air
Word Balloon
Fanboy Radio
Car Talk
Game Theory
Just added but haven’t listened to yet:
Radio Lab

I have to get my ass back to the gym after the holidays not just because I’m getting out of shape, but because my commute isn’t long enough for all my podcasts.

Interesting to see all the GfW Radio Podcast love. Jeff and Ryan are great, but Shawn Elliott and his characters make me feel like an old man who just doesn’t get what kids think is funny nowadays. Or maybe I just picked a bad couple of shows to listen to.


Nobody Likes Onions, Keith and the Girl, Red Bar Radio, and 1UP Yours!.

Once in awhile I listen to the the other 1UP shows. I listened to The Hotspot right up until Jeff was canned, don’t think I’d like it as much without him.


All you people who are subscribed to TWiT should also subscribe to Cranky Geeks which is very similar but shorter and funnier. And it has John C. Dvorak every week instead of just occasionally!

Also, the Gamers with Jobs podcast is indeed very good.


All of the 1Up Radio podcasts (in order of preference = Brodeo, 1Up Yours, Legendary Thread, then everything else). Player One is reasonably ok and the Shackcast is a recent addition that I’ll be keeping.

Edit - A quick shout out to anyone who’s making gaming related podcasts. I’ve come along to this whole podcasting thing pretty late, but over the last year many of you have in some way managed to make the more menial parts of my day that much more enjoyable. So thanks!


I listen to:

Team Fremont Live - Excellent. I think they worked in radio, and they really know how to put a show together.
GWJ - Cover a nice variety of things. Solid.
CAGcast - Okay.
GfW radio - A lot of nonsense but they seem like interesting people and occasional gems about PC gaming make it through.
1up yours - Entertaining but nauseating.

Overall, thanks guys for the free stuff.


Along the lines of TWiT, I’d suggest CNET Buzz Out Loud – a daily news wrap-up and discussion show.

As for general news discussion, I’ve recently discovered The Bugle from TimesOnline. It features joke commentary by Andy Zaltzman and The Daily Show’s John Oliver.

I also dig on Extralife Radio (a geek show done by a few webcomic artists) and, by some of the same guys, The Instance World of Warcraft podcast.


This American Life - you may look at the topics and say “eh”, but try it and see if you aren’t hooked.

Car Talk - my wife isn’t the least interested in cars, but she loves these guys.

The News from Lake Wobegon - Garrison Keillor’s voice is an instrument. We used to listen to the whole show every week, but the timing is bad here in our new city.


I mostly listen to boardgaming podcasts and NPR stuff. I download the Dice Tower pretty frequently, and I like both Boardgame Babylon and Boardgames To Go quite a bit, though neither comes out as often as they used to. How is Game Theory? I’d like to have a regular electronic games podcast to listen, but I have yet to find one that really holds my attention.


Thanks for letting me know so I could delete it before listening to any episodes. He’s the most annoying guy on TWIT (though the old sci-fi writer is a close second). It seems like his only reason for being there is tell the panel he doesn’t care about whatever they’re discussing.


Hahahaha. Dvorak has his moments. He hated the iPhone and so do I, for example. And he gave me good tips about not overcharging my cell phone. But the sci-fi writer, there’s nothing redeeming about him. He’s COMPLETELY out of the loop.

But Cranky Geeks usually has good guest speakers.


I’m down to just Extreme Tech podcast.

/edit: wait I lied. I listen to the pc gamer podcast as well.


I’ve got a pile but most were already mentioned:

GfW Brodeo
Monthly D&D podcast from WotC
Dragon’s Landing Inn (independent D&D podcast)
1up Yours (gone downhill since Luke left)
Game Theory
This American Life
Atlanta Pecha Kucha Podcast (not really regular, and more of a video podcast)
Downloadable Content (Penny Arcade podcast, not regular at all)
Game On (MMO podcast)
EGM Live (variable quality, usually last on the week’s list)
The Hotspot (because I want to hear the remnants of Gamespot lose their souls or leave)
I Read Comics (girl rants about sexist comics, very fun)
1up Show (video podcast, usually ff through most of it)


Macbreak Weekly.

My commute is, at most, an hour and a half a week. Not a lot of time for podcasts.