The Podcast Thread


In order, on my iPod:

New Yorker: Fiction
NPR: Story of the Day
NPR: Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me (This one always makes me laugh)
PRI: Selected Shorts
NPR: This American Life

I never get through all of them in a week. Ever.


The bulk of mine are BBC, I pays my money I want my stuff dammit!

Of those that might be of interest:
Daily Mayo: radio “magazine” show, interview with someone or other of interest.

Mark Kermode and Simon Mayo’s film reviews.
The friday version of the above but doing, funnily enough, film reviews. Given that most of it is hollywood fare, might be a month or two behind the US, but I really like Mark Kermode in film reviewer mode.

Friday Night comedy:
either the Now show which I like mostly for Marcus Brigstock’s rants or the Newsquiz with everyone’s favourite Dane (sorry Hanzii) Sandy Toksvig.

Also have
The voice of the DBA
erm SQL server related gubbins, if you dont have any dealings with SQL Server then of no interest whatsoever.

New one is the Wow Insider podcast. Their sound levels suck but I like the site so thought I’d check it out.

I did try the stephen fry one, but christ he’s an insufferable bore when not fronting QI or hamming it up in sitcoms.


If you guys are looking to check out a “game club” style show, check out the Squadcast by the Squadron of Shame. I happen to host it so I’m biased (of course) but most people who listen seem to dig it.

As for other shows I suggest (and listen to):

1UP Yours
Idle Thumbs
Gamers With Jobs
Giant Bombcast
Downloadable Content (Penny Arcade)
Webcomics Weekly
Radio Lab


the This American Life episode is especially awesome and captivating this week. Check it out.


I generally listen to podcasts on my morning and evening commute (about 45 minutes driving each way) so I pretty much exclusively listen to the Daily Mayo and to Kermode/Mayo’s film reviews. Kermode is very very entertaining and the interaction between him and Mayo is sometimes hilarious, with Mayo often finding Kermode wearisome. I don’t always agree with Kermode but he loves genre films so he tends to give most things a little leeway.

I also listen to The Guardian’s Film Weekly with Jason Solomons but I’m probably going to delete that because Solomons is an insufferable snob.

I used to love Russell Brand’s show but he went and fucked that one up (with a bit of help from Jonathan Ross) so that’s gone.

I’ve recently discovered a weekly history series on a local radio station - Newstalk - which I’ve subscribed to. I’ve heard the show when it goes out live on a Sunday a few times so I’m pretty confident that the podcast will be interesting. The Irish media (and, in fairness, most non-BBC media outlets) are pretty lame when it comes to podcasting because they tend to just publish an entire show (including ads, sometimes) instead of doing some editing and reformatting to suit the medium. Three hours worth of a show isn’t much use to me if I really only have an hour and a half per day to listen to it and it’s vying for attention with a handful of other podcasts.

Video podcasts have never really clicked with me but I think that that’s because you have to actually sit and watch them (unless it’s feasible as part of your daily commute) and if I’m doing that then I might as well be watching TV.


I remain fond of History According to Bob, a series of generally entertaining and interesting mini-lectures on whatever topic the titular history prof’s geeking about currently. Lately, it’s been bits on World War 1 flying aces, bits about Civil War personalities, etc. Usually around 10-15 minutes per, but close to a daily update.

The Horror Etc. podcast is decent, if overlong (I’m usually in the camp that holds there’s really no good reason for any of these things to last more than an hour). Focused (obviously enough) on horror movie topics; my netflix queue tends to pick up a title or two each week due to them. They’re generally pretty good about avoiding spoilers, or failing that, providing plenty of warning when they’ll have them freely.


My faves are:

Escape Pod
This American Life
TikiBar TV


Am I still the only one here who listens to This Week in Science?


I gave that a try, but something about Kiki makes me want to strangle her until she can’t make noises any more, so I had to quit.


I just started getting into podcast listening early this year and I am already about 3 weeks behind on everything I listen to. I prefer shorter podcasts as I can easily listen to them from start to finish in one sitting. Some that I’m listening to lately:

Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History
Dan Carlin’s Common Sense
Gamers With Jobs
Wait, Wait Don’t Tell Me (easily my favorite)
President Obama’s weekly address
60 Minutes
Lost podcast with Jay and Jack


My iPod died last week, so I went from listening to the NPR shows I like via podcasts, gaming podcasts, and audiobooks back to radio and the occasional CD.

My god, radio is an epic wasteland of suck.

NPR shows that I normally enjoy are broken up by, “VALENTINE’S DAY IS COMING, GET ROSES AND DONATE!” so I head off into commercial radio which is filled with DJs who are competing for the stupid award and proud of it.

And before you get your panties in a bunch, the “Hey podcast listeners, give us a buck,” at the end of This American Life is enough to get me to give them a buck (actually ten) to keep making the program.

Last night I got a new iPod Touch, so I’m back on the podcast bandwagon.

Radio is dead. (To me.)


The Bugle - John Oliver from the Daily Show, and his UK co-host Andy Zaltzman. Fricking hysterical. Listen to the latest episode 63, with a guest appearance by ‘The American’ (about 18 minutes in). Brilliant.


OK, it’s from commercial radio, but I’ve really been enjoying the Sarah & Vinnie podcast. They’re actually pretty damn funny:


Before I had an ipod I listened to talk radio. I accidentally left my ipod at home a few weeks ago, and man did listening to the radio again make me appreciate a MP3 player. It won’t necessarily always be an ipod, but I can’t imagine ever going without a MP3 player again. I’ve actually stared donating to podcasts, I never though I’d do that.


This American Life
The Sound of Young America
Jordan, Jesse GO!
Planet Money


On the DL by Dan Levy - sports interviews (and more). Good stuff.


I just listened to the most recent one about Easter Island, and really enjoyed it. Are there any other history podcasts that you would recommend?


I’ve also been looking for a good daily news podcast. The BBC one was good, but a little dry. I’m really taking to Democracy Now though.


This American Life. I just listened to the re-run from last week. Re-united (And it Feels so Good) The part about Second Chance… quite awesome.

Such a fucking great radio-show/podcast.



Podcast newbie here(well except the Tom Chick varieties) and from this thread I have to go for This American Life; you guys seem to love it so we’ll see.

Anyway, just bumping it to see what podcasts may have endured.