The Podcast Thread


Election Profit Makers was a pretty awesome ride. But yeah, that last episode hurt. I honestly thought about those guys all election night long…


You Must Remember This reminds us that nothing ever changes really:


In what may be the coastal elite-iest, hipster-est sentence i’ll ever write: does anybody know of a good food/cooking podcast that isn’t dripping with white privilege?

I listen to America’s Test Kitchen, which is mostly fine, but is occasionally insufferably white middle-class (their wine segments, any time Adam Gopnik is on), and occasionally I get tired of them talking about how “exotic” the food I cook every day for dinner is.

There’s also The Sporkful, which is fine, but is again pretty white. They did a couple of sets on cultural appropriation and minority food experiences, whoch were interesting, but I just wanted the host to go away and let the guests talk more.


The Doughboys?


I just got to the end of the current season of You Must Remember This, and wow. It’s pretty apparent that episode 145 is going to be the last one.

Man. That show was like a staple to me. I’d hoard episodes for a couple of weeks and binge.

I guess in a few months I’ll go back to the beginning and maybe re-listen. Hopefully Karina does something else cool and educational and compulsively consumable as YMRT.


Damn, that’s sad to hear, but at least it never dipped in quality. I’m wrapping up the MGM series, and the balance she strikes between detailing the industry, history, and individual players involved in Louis B. Mayer being outmaneuvered during his final days at the studio has really made me appreciate what a brilliant job Karina does. Gonna miss it. :(


That’s too bad. I usually save up a full series and listen at the end so I’m not anywhere near caught up.

I’m not really surprised though. Her podcasts seem like a ton of work, and podcasting is still barely a business.


Yeah, just reading between the lines, but I think she’s pretty happy with how her just-released book went, and that may be the thing she’s looking forward to focusing on for a while now.

If I can dream, it’d be that a curated streaming movie service has snapped her up to do introductions and after-movie commentary. That would be awesome.


Thanks for the reminder…I’ve been meaning to buy her book, so I went over to Amazon and picked up the ebook. I have to say, I’m only mildly interested in Howard Hughes, but I feel like I owe her one for all the hours of effort she put in on the podcast.


I’m maybe only a third of the way through, and it feels like she’s just sort of using Hughes as a framing device to get to a lot of history with the actresses and studio stuff he was involved with. Not super huge on Hughes myself, but the book is definitely interesting so far.


I’d love to see her do a mega-book like this on the blacklist…that was my absolute favorite series of the show and it’s such a fascinating period of American history. I suppose she may have wrung the topic dry on the 20+ episodes of the podcast, but there must be more stuff to tell.


While her vocal mannerisms are a bit off-putting to me, we love YMRT podcasts. We’re old film buffs anyway, so this is old movie nirvana for us. Haven’t listened to 145 yet but I really hope she doesn’t stop.


Interesting tidbit about The Ringer in an article about Spotify moving into podcasting. The Ringer is bringing in $15m a year mostly from podcasts. Maybe podcasting is a business after all.

I do listen to a bunch of Ringer pods. Apparently they’re pulling in some numbers.

That being said, podcasts are also proving effective business in a media landscape where written content and video have proved tricky to monetise in the age of the Google/Facebook digital advertising duopoly. In the US, the Wall Street Journal reported that Bill Simmon’s young media company The Ringer is bringing in the majority of its revenue via podcasts, $15 million in 2018 to be exact.