The poetry of names in Mad Max

Title The poetry of names in Mad Max
Author Nick Diamon
Posted in News
When September 2, 2015

The little troll in that image is Chumbucket. He's really the star of Mad Max, the open-world car combat brawler from Avalanche Studios and Warner Bros. Entertainment..

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Been really enjoying this game, its Shiny and Chrome in my eyes.

It seems most people who bought it, have been enjoying it. I'm starting to get bored - I have over 70 hours in it, mostly completing maps and just wrecking stuff. I used one of the cheap keys - never used a key site before and I'm still waiting for something terrible to happen - and might have judged it more harshly at full price, but probably not. It's been my favourite game for ages.

I played Shadow of Mordor for five hour the first time I ran it, and never went back. Didn't click with it at all, and yet Mad Max is supposedly its red-headed cousin.

For whatever reason, most prominent reviewers didn't like Max. On an unrelated note, Warner Brothers didn't hand out many pre-release review codes - judging from the bitching in prominent reviews. The guy who did the Kotaku review said you shouldn't buy it, then a few days later did a follow up article about how he can't stop playing it, and re-iterated that it wasn't a great game. Which he can't stop playing.

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