The Poilynomial - Rez + Wing Commander + Geometry Wars

I saw this game come out on Steam last week, and was intrigued. It looked like it could be fantastic, but I didn’t want to drop $10 just to find out.

So, the demo came out on Steam today. And it is fantastic.

The subject of the thread says it all. Intense visuals reacting to a thumping soundtrack as you fly around blasting things in first person with newtonian physics. The explosions have to be seen to be believed.

You have to check this out.

EDIT: Typoed the topic: it’s Polynomial, not Poilynomial… although I kind of like saying Poilynomial better!

There is a giantbomb quick look:

I found the game to be a bit simplistic for my tastes, but I may admittedly not be giving it a fair shake. I realize it’s not meant to be extraordinarily complicated, but I find there to be a general lack of feedback especially in regard to damage taken.

I need to spend a third round with the demo before I make up my mind one way or the other. It’s definitely a beautiful game, but I don’t know if that’s worth $10 in and of itself.

I tried the demo and thought it was a bit dull. The quick look put it pretty well, it’s a visualizer that you can fly around in and shoot stuff. Cool visualizer, but it’s still a visualizer.

I thought it looked nice, but was it a game? It didn’t seem to be. If I was on drugs, I’d probably like it, but I wasn’t so I played Call of Duty instead :D

I have no idea what is going on in this demo. The controls with the joystick are all over the place. I think the rudder doesn’t work, but the ship still seems to rotate all on its own when you turn, at least in Flight simulator mode. But then I can’t figure out how to rotate it back. Plus it’s kind of hard to tell how fast your ship is going and how quickly the ship turns.

Anyway, rating it just as a space sim, I don’t like it at all. As a Rez-like game it seems interesting, especially when the music really gets going, but the joystick controls sucking kind of takes the fun out of it for me.

I really hated the demo both times I tried it. Partly because I had to use the built in music.

The colossal fuckup with the controls is actually that your right stick is using its Y-axis to rotate the ship instead of its X-axis.

Aside from that, I’m pretty sure this game wins some kind of Bloom Award.

Same here. I have my favorites songs for Audiosurf and wanted to see how this will play them.
Also, I couldn’t discern any feedback for blowing ships. I’m not really sure I was blowing ships.

This quick look looks a lot better than the demo. Regardless, this game just isn’t for me. I like Audiosurf ok, love Beat Hazard, and usually like trippy shooters like Space Giraffe and the like. This is less shooter and more trippy.

It didn’t really do much for me. A bit too slight. Beat Hazard is probably my limit when it comes to this kind of games.