The political autodialed calls are in full swing

I’ve gotten four today so far. Have they ramped up like crazy for anyone else?

I can assure you, from the backend, that yes, they have. Sorry. :wink:

And you say you’re a Christian.

Where’s your compassion, your love of the common man!

I’ve gotten none.

I have gotten a lot of calls from MoveOn PAC and other groups to ask if I’d like to volunteer, however.

What’s your phone number, I’ll make sure you get a couple. :wink:

BTW - one of the candidates I just prepped a list for is named “Buttolph”. I’m not annoying thousands of voters, I’m giving them a good laugh.

I live in PA and I can assure you that our phone rings practically off the hook with both live and recorded messages urging us to vote in some specific way. I got one call from the Republican machinery asking if I needed a ride to the polls!

I was tempted to say yes just for the thrill of being so important. I was going to request that Dick Cheney personally drive me there.

Yeah, in the swing states we are getting nailed.

I did say I could get to the polls, but not to go get GTA3 and if they could pick that up for me that would really influence my vote. I did point out after all that some of the characters in GTA3 had rocked the vote, so it was pretty on topic.

I am pretty sure she called me an idiot before she hung up.


Northeast Ohio is a great place to live if you secretly wished your life was full of political television ads, political radio ads, political ads in the mail and political ads coming through the telephone.

Too bad I don’t secretly wish for that.

It’s so nice not owning a television, not knowing where your telephone is, and being home for like 30 waking minutes a day.

I’m curious how the political parties are managing to avoid autodialing at cellphones. It used to be easy since cell phones had their own prefixes that were unique to the cell companies but now that number portability has arrived how is the distinction made? Can you call the CLEC and ask them to clear a list of numbers?

I know telemarketers have sophisticated systems to build number lists and eliminate naughty ones but I was under the imrpession that the political parties were using cheap autodialer units manned by volunteers.

Dude, that’s called Alzheimer’s. I’d tell you to “seek help” but I know you won’t remember.

Why would you put “seek help” in quotes? Couldn’t you just tell her to seek help?

Never underestimate the hate that non TV owning people get from everybody else. Forget the Koontz is probably the most reviled person here, anybody who happily claims to not own a TV will always be lower than low.


Two rationalizations here…

#1: Telling someone with Alzheimer’s (in an advanced state, anyway) to seek help isn’t a serious statement. Thus you’re telling them to “seek help”… the statement serves some other purpose than the straightforward.

#2: It increases the comedic value of the post by 5-10%. Comedic Efficiency is served.

And Nary the Twain shall meet truth. In addition to a few early posts there is a recent one that says otherwise.

You open most conversations letting people in on this fact, eh?

Obligatory Area Man Constantly Mentioning He Doesn’t Own A Television link.

Wow, you’re “right”! I should “do this” more “often”!

But anyway, the only point I was trying to make was I’m not home much.

Thanks for the link, Derek. Shoot me if I ever get that annoying.

Wow, you’re “right”! I should “do this” more “often”![/quote]

Your Comedic Efficiency is Skyrocketing!

Jaguar s-type (1963) picture

He is the funniest poster on this forum, by far.

No shit, just like the slimy politicos to exclude themselves from the “Do Not Call” regulations. :evil:

But my real favorites are the incredibly deceptive TV ads we are getting here for the various Florida constitutional amendments being pushed by special interests that can’t get what they want through legislation.