The Political Machine 2008 is coming

I can’t believe this thread wasn’t immediately hijacked to talk about a stardock fantasy strategy game. With what they did for the 4x space genre, all I can think is MoM, here we come.


That’s because at least a dozen other Stardock threads were hijacked to talk about the possible Stardock MMOish game…

Actually, I’m not sure if you were joking Brian, but that’s an excellent idea.

Brad, when the game is completed and you have it read for purchase, I’d make sure that one of Colbert’s assistants sees this. I’d give it a 80% shot that you’d be on his show in a flash and the exposure would be tremendous.

Unless, of course, they think it infringes upon copyrights and do not care for it. But as long as it’s parody, I think you’re legally protected.


How are things in the Skyrealm?

Yea, it would definitely be good exposure. In terms of game mechanics, we just couldn’t ignore the impact that these talk shows have plus they’re really fun to put in. :)

Reference “The Bump,” it’s a sure ticket to stardom.

I preordered this yesterday. A June release is absolutely the perfect time to grab people suffering from “primary blues”.

Brad, any chance of a pre-made Fred Thompson candidate?

A Fred Thompson candidate should be included in the game, but when you select him he just sits there and doesn’t do anything.


casts thread necromancy. Arise!

It does look like candidates have a stamina stat. That could be quite hilarious, trying to campaign with a candidate with 0 stamina!

How about a Clinton candidate with so much stamina she keeps running even after the election’s over?

Stamina is indeed used to determine how much you can do in a given turn.

Here’s some new screenshots…

The last days of Bush…

The Political Machine 2008 includes more than just the US election. It has other scenarios as well. Some are educational (Election of 1860) some are fantastical (Drengi) and one is offensively funny (Europe as seen through the eyes of an American high school student).
use editor.

Only an indie could make a game with a map like this.

You can design your own candidates from scratch, give them positions on issues, and all.

Poor lil’ Georgie. That picture actually almost makes me feel bad for him. :(

How long until this hits, Brad? Very very much looking forward to it :)

The forums on Stardock say June 17th. I pre-ordered a few months back and can’t wait to dig in. Will the title just show up on Impulse or SD Central auto-magically if you’ve pre-ordered?


The art style wigs me out and I’m not sure why.


So are the issues voters care about editable? I still play political machine 04 and I’m sick of everyone loving the war in Iraq.

I always wanted to see random events that would change the effect a policy position had on voters. For instance:

‘Random Event 1 has caused Republicans to move away from support from Issue 2, but increased support among Democrats’

Hey, Brad, whatever happened to the beta access folks who preordered were promised?

BTW, it would be really nice if you guys would deign to answer emails about this topic.