The Portal (RiftWorld Chronicles)

So I just came across this short movie call The Portal and it is pretty good. It received enough positive reviews that they did a kickstarter and are going to be making a web series out of it. I’m not sure when that is supposed to start airing but it looks like they entered post production sometime in March. Anyway, below is a blurb about the short and the You Tube link to watch it.

“A dimension-travelling wizard gets stuck in 21st century Toronto because cell phone radiation interferes with his magic. With his home world on the brink of war, he seeks help from Kim, a travel agent who he mistakes for a great sorceress. Without his powers to prove his identity, she has trouble taking him seriously, but finally agrees to reveal the secrets of our world in exchange for a lunch date.”

I haven’t had a chance to watch it yet but the webseries is available now. 8 episodes but the 1st is essentially the pilot I linked to above.

I watched the first one a while ago it was decent. The sorcerer is played by Tahmoh Penikett of BSG fame.