The power and glory of SOUNDWAVE

As this streaming video link shows, he truely is the superior Transformer.

That was one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen on the net. Thanks Derek.

My favorite Transformer combined with my favorite kind of music… what more could I ask for?

Right-click, save as?

Can’t seem to get it to work though.

This sucks. Why? Cause the best part about Soundwave was his voice.

Just for a reference, using Dancing Soundwave (and the tape Decepticon who was neither Rumble nor Frenzy) as an avatar would be infinitely better than using Dancing Spiderman.

Though Dancing Mazinga Z still holds up stiff competition.

Panda Z trumps Mazinga Z every time.

But he doesn’t dance.

He just runs off one side of the screen and appears on the other. Which still makes for a slick animated GIF.

Oy. Take a cool transformer who’s cool because he’s a taciturn badass with all kinds of adaptability through the tape-bots and make him look like a total dork with stupid dancing.

Breakin’ ain’t stupid. The running man was stupid. The chicken dance was stupid.

I’ll grant you that breakin’ ain’t stupid. Soundwave breakin’ is stupid.

This is stupid… but by god it doesn’t stop me from wanting one.

Kitsune, can you hook me up, buddy?