The Prez Gets Some Hot Jungle Lovin'

Hehehehe… I love how first daughter Barbara averts her eyes. Jeez, didn’t daddy tell her about the Birds and the Bees?

Plus this had to make the Secret Service just go nuts. What the hell are they doing over there?

Maybe with Bush as President the Secret Service guys just aren’t giving 100% to their jobs these days. I know I’d have a hard time getting out of bed every morning if it was me.

I just had this image of President Bush trampled by an elephant. Not because I wish death upon the man (just his removal of office), but because of the jokes and “believe or not” history lessons that it would spawn.

I mean, the history book would say something like…

“After prosecuting a successful war on Iraq, President Bush began to take criticism for the run up and aftermath of the war. However, before any action could be taken, he was trampled by an elephant.”

The Elephant being the symbol of the GOP! Ohhh, the potential for irony there.

I love how he wanted a volunteer to pet the cheetah before he did. Jeezus man, didn’t they teach you in the Air Force that leaders lead by example?

Then he wants to pet the elephant, and the Secret Service probably went nuts over that too. They could unload all their pistols and uzis into that beast, and it still wouldn’t be enough to stop it from trampling the Prez.

Which is funnier? An elephant or a pretzel?

A fatal fall off of a Segway would not only have been funny, but also a trenchant, almost Ballardian comment on the turn of the millennium.

Mmmm, I tend to agree. However as Tyjenks has pointed out if something happened to Bush that would leave Cheney in charge :shock:

Check this story out: Stowaway Startles Bush Entourage

A man without proper press credentials walked onto a jumbo jet chartered by the White House travel office, flew with journalists and White House staff members from South Africa to Uganda today, and then continued with them to a compound where President Bush was meeting with the Ugandan president.

The man, who traveled aboard the United Airlines Boeing 747 that was chartered for reporters, photographers, camera crews, White House staff members and U.S. Secret Service agents, was not spotted as an interloper until the group was inside the compound on the shores of Lake Victoria.

Um, isn’t that what we’ve been talking about?

Hey Gary, sorry, I must not have read the earlier links carefully. I thought you guys were just talking about him getting trampled by the elephants!

This was what shocked me in the Washington Post article…

"After the safari was over, Secretary of State Colin Powell, who was also on the trip, was asked if the symbol of his party had been off-message with their public behavior. “The elephants were on message,” Powell replied. “We were all on message.”

The elephants were on message? So… the message is to have sex, get embarrassed, and not ejaculate?

Or is this some hyper-sophisticated thing? Anyone have an idea?

Perhaps Powell sees it as a form of safe sex.

I think Powell was making a joke. The message the elephants were sending was clear and was received by the President and his entourage. Both sides were “on message” in other words.