The price of nostalgia

Well well, I was clearing out my computer room (second baby coming, computer room converting to guest room, yada yada yada) and I found this.

With a nice map of Britannia on the back. I can’t for the life of me remember how I got this. I’m not likely to hang this on the wall and it would be a shame to tuck this in a box to be eventually thrown out so does anybody know if this is worth anything? I could list it on e-bay but I wonder if people find a value in game related nostalgic items. Is there a better way to reach nostalgic gamers on items or should I just list it on e-bay and post a message on gamer related message boards?

I had the very same poster up for years, with the map showing. It came from the CGW that previewed U7. Good times.

Watch for it to appear on eBay and check Completed Listings to see if anyone’s sold one like it. Ultima stuff often commands a good price.



Ultima series, how I miss thee.

If I’d realized that U7 part 2 was going to be the last real Ultima, I would have savored it more…

I guess the Morrowind / Oblivion style game is as close as we get now… but man I would pay a lot of scratch for a real Ultima game.

What ever happened to the fan-made sequel? Slapped with a lawsuit I assume? Even given that I’m surprised no one has tried a virtue-based Near-Ultima mod for Morrowind or some such modified just enough from cannon to be legal.

There’s that ground-up remake of one of them, EXULT…

Me too :cry: Maybe that’s why I hate EA so much… seeing my favorite franchise get warped beyond recognition, and die a slow painful death.

Nostalgia. Heh.

I’m building a full-sized arcade cabinet. Just decided to do this one day, out of the fucking blue. “Time for an arcade cabinet,” I says to myself. Regardless of the fact that my last major woodworking experience was shop in 8th grade for a C grade.

So I’m at Lowe’s, looking at 4x8s of MDF, wondering how I’m going to get this home. And cut. Without a workshop. Or tools. A pretty cool book on how to build a cabinet, I have.

I think it’s something evil and subliminal from my wife. She’s the one who wants a circular saw, jigsaw, dremel with 9^E10+900 bits, and the like. I’m the one who cooks. Does that make me gay, or just emo?

Cabinet. In the living room…no, the bedroom. Fucking sweet.

Nostalgia sucks. Anybody want a bunch of mid-90’s sims, low prices?


Uh, there’s a difference between the two?

Not that there’s anything wrong with being either.

Check out Gothic 2.

I still have my Ultima VII poster, as well as my Aces of the Pacific poster and tons of other memorabelia from both being a consumer and working in the industry. Somehow I just can’t let any of it go. Most of it is in the storage shed in the back yard though…

Don’t let go of that stuff! Man everytime I go on a PC gaming nostalgia trip I kick myself hard for getting rid of the great oldies I used to have :{

I never will. I have some autographed boxes from when I worked at one of the gaming magazines and such, but I can’t see ever letting it go.

I retained my box and manuals for Falcon 3.0 because it was so near and dear to me but everything else I tossed. However I did keep the manuals for Darklands and LucasArts’ BoB and SWOTL. Those two manuals right there are practically history books!