Sometimes you’re so busy with your life you completely miss the BIGGEST MUSIC NEWS OF THE YEAR!


Not a basket of gift flowers!

Number of pop-ups at your link. Thought I’d been goatse.cxed for a moment.

Ram it down!

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Sorry…I was typing so fast and with such excitement I mixed up the i and the e. I said that old “I before E except after C” thing and then figured out what I did wrong. Thank goodness for rhymes like that!

“Straight through the heart of this town!”


Dave, you know I think you’re great and all. But if this turns out to be the biggest news in music for this or any other year I’m going to kill myself.

Not to worry, though, because Frank Black keeps talking about a Pixies reunion, so I’ll put the razor down for a while.

Saw them at the House of Blues on Sunset a few years back. Some people just don’t know when to let go.

Priest was absolute crap without Halford, whereas Halford’s solo albums are awesome!

Really? I don’t really listen to either, but I did see a special about the kid who replaced Halford, and I have to say he sounded just like him. Did Halford just do a better job of writing or something?

Ripper really didn’t sound like Rob at all. They tuned down to match his vocals. He also lacked all the charisma and the professionalism of Halford. It wasn’t the same band with Ripper and the music was also out in left field for the most part as it reeked of Tipton’s overbearing influence. Both Jugulator and Demolition may as well be Glenn Tipton solo projects too.

On the other hand, Halford (the band) was far more true to traditional Priest-style Heavy Metal. Both Resurrection and Crucible are strong discs with some songs that could easily be put on a Judas Priest album and you would call them Priest songs without question. It was clear where the real songwriting talent came from in the band BUT, you can’t deny Tipton’s capability to write WITH Rob and KK. He’s one of the best metal guitar players that’s been around the last thirty years. When the five of them were together, the music was a step above where it was when they were apart. I mean, these guys really defined Heavy Metal as a genre. The leather, the chrome, the motorcycles…Hell Bent for Leather! It was all started by Judas Priest. Any current day metal band will tell you that Priest is a big influence. Disturbed, Metallica, Pantera…you name it.

I saw Halford and Priest when they toured separately and Priest was good…entertaining if only to watch the rest of the band and not Ripper. It was something different. But on the other hand, Halford was incredible. Rob’s band was superb and the show I caught at the Trocadero in Philly will go down as one of my favorite shows ever. Being so near to the legend was great, but watching him command the crowd again after having been away from it for so long was even better. There just aren’t many frontmen like Rob Halford, living or dead.

I hope you folks that have any interest go to one of the shows. Seeing Judas Priest perform live is one of the best concerts you can hope to attend. I can’t wait.


Yeah, what he said. Although I enjoyed the tongue in cheek camp of Jugulator and Demolition, the live experience just didn’t cut it.

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Resurrecting this thread for having recently purchased “The Best of Judas Priest: Living After Midnight” on a recommendation of a friend who was also rediscovering British Metal.

Since my post about Ripper, I’ve seen a video of some slow song they did with the guy. It’s all onstage (but I don’t think there was an audience). It was very odd, not very Priest. But the main oddity was that one of the guitar players REALLY looked like he didn’t want to be there. He was off from the rest of the band and kept his head down and his hair covering his face the whole time. I like Priest well enough, but I don’t know the band well enough to say which member it was.