The Priest is Back!

Double disc concept record. NOSTRADAMUS. Ships in June. Touring with Heaven and Hell, Motorhead and Testament starting in August right here in Philadelphia (Camden, NJ).

This is quite possibly the tour of the century.

You should totally have titled this thread Heading out to the Highway.

edit: Also, yes, obviously I am psyched!

The thread title is a reference to Mr. Halford’s unique delivery of that line when you see them live. :)

Nice timing with the Rock Band DLC this week. If I had the game, I’d definitely be all over “Electric Eye”…

I am wondering whether this tour will coincide with an uptick in the sale and purchase of used Camaros.

I’m not going to get too excited about this. All the stuff they’ve done since Painkiller has been pretty mediocre. One of Halford’s albums and Glen Tipton’s solo album were listenable but none of it has been great. I suspect this is going to be like Velvet Revolver or the reunited Motley Crue. Once people get old and stop doing drugs they lose the ability to rock.