The problem with Pinball FX on the PC

Title The problem with Pinball FX on the PC
Author Tom Chick
Posted in Game reviews
When May 11, 2013

It's a good thing Pinball FX 2 is so good, because I have a few complaints about its recent arrival to the PC. Imagine that. Someone complaining about the PC port of a fantastic console game..

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Is it safe to say you prefer the console version? And if I, a guy who digs pinball but is suspicious of a video game representation of pinball, were to decide to jump in would you suggest pc or console? Or too similar to matter?

Ugh, these trial limits are torture for someone on a budget. I didn't know that the Marvel tie in ones were that good. I still hate Pasha as I can't hit the book ramp for anything.

Mostly too similar to matter, but I prefer my pinball on the couch not just because of the minor issues I mentioned above. I'm more invested in my 360 friends list (so far there are only, like, two (2!) people on my Steam friends list playing this), I like the bigger screen in the living room, and there are just way more tables available. In addition to Paranormal and Earth Defense, I like the Epic Quest table, and I even sometimes like just messing around on some of the crappy tables. Bullwinkle anyone?

Dude, Pasha is old and busted. Star Wars and Marvel are the new hotness.

It's set to use the mouse as plunger by default. You have to hold the left button and then pull back.

One advantage to the PC version is that you can play it in portrait view.

Aww, I had no idea! How was I supposed to know that? Can you use the mouse for flippers and/or nudging?

Just wait for the infinitely superior Pinball Arcade now that it's finally greenlit on Steam.

And on a further nitpicky note: "I have a few complaints about it’s recent arrival"

Its/it's? Tom I am disappoint.

Grammar is hard.

Just want to say thanks for getting me back into pinball in a big way. Its been too long. Loving the Moon Knight table. I played a little with the keyboard but then plugged in my 360 controller. OMG its sooo much better.

Your title had me worried, Tom! I've had table packs sitting in my cart all day, wondering if I was really going to buy all of these again. I thought I might be saving my money after all, but it looks like my personal wallet level is still red. But I'll probably prioritize the first two Marvel packs to save a little dough (I wish I could buy Tesla, Secrets of the Deep, and Moon Knight separately).

As for the ones left out, my complaint table is Fantastic Four. Hope to see it hit the PC soon.

Give us a chance, Tom, it's only just appeared on Steam. Rest assured your scores are not safe, so you'd better be working on them. And no excuses about your scores being better on the 360 version either. I won't be able to play this for another couple of weeks (crappy internet right now) but be afraid...

Oh yeah, I tried the iPhone version of this ages ago. A pointless exercise seeing as how the ball is virtually invisible. Anyway, I think they use the exact same icons there, and on my 3GS they take up approximately 90% of the screen estate. Ok, I exaggerate, but not by much. It renders it even less playable than it already is.

What's a good place to start with Zen Pinball if I wanted to buy one table pack?

Yeah, the keyboard support seems to be rather busted in this game. It's perceptibly laggier than using a 360 controller.

I'd say the original Marvel pack. I think Blade, Spider-Man, and Wolverine are all great in different ways. Iron Man bores me, but it has its fans (like Tom).

I decided to get only pack for the moment, and that pack was Vengeance and Virtue for one simple reason: Moon Knight. Thor and X-Men are solid, but I'm not big on Ghost Rider. The original Marvel pack is the better value, though; I didn't choose it only because I've played those tables a ton.

I'd add that, in my experience, it works better if you actually put the cursor over the plunger when you pull back.

On the Avengers flick set, I like to open the evening works with Hawkeye so I can get a ball saver two times faster, only then to change to Iron Man to assure the multiple bonus (x2, x4, and so forth), then Cap or Black Widow (for the airplane multiball). ;-)

Hey, I'd be glad to be part of that 360 list! ---> @guijolino

Even ZX Spectrum have option to REDEFINE the keys ! I want to tilt left with "Z" and right with "?", not with "Ctrl" ! What's wrong with today's devs/programmers ?