The Profane Game

I am so embarrassed by my low score, I shall not share it.

I won’t reveal my score, either, but my vocabulary is definitely lacking :(

I doubt my vocabulary is lacking. I just can’t type fast enough. Heh.

I don’t know how the scoring works, but such charming bon mots as “shitsucker” and “cockmonger” didn’t register as profanity. So I scored low only because I was too creative for the robot’s tiny mind. Yeah, that’s it.

No idea how the fuck anyone could score over 100 let alone over 1000?!?!?! Must have to have some kind of typing robot feeding dictionary words in to get that score.

I got 1125. :P

“wanker” brought me up to 30 whole points

30 points for wanker, and cockmunch barely registers :(

Fucking HOW, fuckface???

Also, can I call you ^? Get it? ^??? BAAAA HAAA HA HAAAAAA

This game is pretty easy, once you get into the right mindset.

I like how it is made possible by “WebPurify”. I can’t get over 20 what gives? Wanker only gets me 2 points.

I can’t get a goddamn score higher than 20, either. Stupid motherfuckers. Is it because I’m too fucking slow?

bah. I topped out at 200. I may be a foreigner, but I take pride in my extended vocabulary. Guess that didn’t carry over to profanities. Oh gosh-darnit.

Dude, I used “fuckstick”, “shitsucker”, and “cumguzzler”, and it only gave me 14 points. What gives?