The PS-Triple is Money

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Why PS3 is better than the Wii and 360.


I weep for our future, Idiocracy is upon us.

I was able to watch the first minute and I started to drool from the mouth. I stopped lest the effects be irreversible.

Man, he’s missing out. Some of the best games are played with a dildo!

Hooray for viral marketing!

I have been accused of viral marketing several times.

Are there other viral marketing fans out there?

Is this the King 0f New York?

Do you guys really think this guy in the video is being serious?

When I first saw it a couple of days ago, I just assumed it was VM. But after watching it again, it does seem to be a bit satirical. I’m so confoozled. :(

This is a terrific think tank!

High quality effluent can be expected.

I think Flux is a bot. He says the most random idiotic crap.

Is this a Turing Test Flux? Spell “get the fuck out of here” backwards.

I guess some people questioned his “big money ways.” I should message him and see if he’ll send a few hundred dollars to my paypal account. Heh.

He said “I’d give you $600 to shut up”.

I’ll take him up on this deal.

Anyone else notice how he never even shows his ‘Pee-S-triple’ or his ‘Caddy’.

Funny you should say that, because that’s exactly what the video made a post above yours addresses.

I love how the guy is reading off a script (every time he looks to the right).

So… he rented a Cadillac, and then emptied all the money that his parents left him from a bank account, and made a video?

Not convinced.

The response videos linked on the same page are nearly as bad.

Serious or satire it’s hilarious. I think it’s satire though, because real OG’s can’t get enough Xbox, just ask Fiddy!

I fail to see how this is ‘brilliant’ in any sense of the word, even sarcastically. It’s just another video put together by yet another semi-literate ape.

Yep, it fails as satire too. It just fails in every sense of the word. Not funny and not the least bit interesting. The only emotion evoked is vague pity. Pity for the original poster of this thread and for all of us for sitting through enough of that dribble to formulate a response.

Please, stop posting links of this quality. What did we do to you?