The PS3 ads are retarded

Man, I love these PS3 ads where the PS3 is sitting in a featureless, white room. It makes me think of some some interesting things, and appears to allude to:

Nobody actually owning one. There it sits, forced to entertain/demonically possess dolls to get some action, because almost nobody who wants one actually owns one yet (including me!).

Owning one comes with caveats.
Whoever owns one is either selling it off so it’s sitting untouched in its box (encased in white styrofoam, oh yes) or has been sold to some poor fanboy who is out working two jobs to pay for it and has chosen to own it over stuff like, you know, furniture.

It being a machination of Satan. See #1 vis a vis possessed baby dolls, but the controller is made of crows’ souls! The console is composed of evil T-1000 liquid metal! Ahhh!

It’s the hot-ticket item this Christmas. That is, it needs to be kept in a well-ventilated area devoid of flammable objects or things that may be ruined by the silly heat levels that issue from its vents. Expect CDs/DVDs/BLOO-RAY DISCs to be warped beyond usability if carelessly left near the vents. It might also melt your cat or set the couch ablaze, who knows. OK, I am reaching on the ads alluding to this, but the fact is, the heat from the venting will damage stuff left near the unit.

That it only plays games. I thought it was a PC-esque KUMPYOOTER. Will future ads expound upon that? Sure. Do any of them now? No, not as far as I have seen. Sony is telling people the thing plays games and that’s it, by those ads. Perhaps it’s still academic to most everyone (see #1) anyway what the thing can do, so I suppose it could be argued Sony has plenty of time to get to ads about the other things it does. It’s not like PEOPLE ACTUALLY OWN THEM, but it would be nice to get to the mass media rationales for why the fucker is twice the price Joe Consolegamer is expecting before he goes out and sees that price tag and wonders why it’s so high when all it does is play games (in his mind) (pun intended).

Sony’s marketing department is retarded. Perhaps not quite “Let’s call it the Wii!” retarded, but pretty lame. The baby doll is creepy (and not the good kind of creepy, like Gears of War’s ad), the SEXXXAXIS controller ad is derivative, the liquid metal ad for the games is boring, and there is another ad I cannot even recall at the moment because it is so boring. I mention this because IMO, Sony has done some pretty good marketing in the past (especially for the PS2), so maybe that’s part of why it is so glaring.

You are a fool! The creepy doll draws attention…and it looks like the PS3 can kill babies!! Or at least mess them up real bad. That’s fantastic.

Plus, it can solve Rubix Cubes…and then splatter them on the walls. You never have to paint again. The only other being that can solve a Rubix cube without his hands is Chuck Norris (he shits them out solved).

I believe that technically, the PS3 was melting the baby’s brain. This leads in to he “hot ticket” point in Bill’s post.

As it turns out, all of this marketing is being done by a third party. TBWA\Chiat Day, the same guys who do the iPod commericals. Just sayin’.

I’m probably in the minority, but I hate the iPod commercials too.

The problem with the ad is that it promotes discussion, ie, its working because you made a thread about the ad =)

Well, why didn’t they make ads where the PS3 rapes your mother, shoots your sister and eats your dog, and they are all portrayed by starving Ethiopians in irons? This line of argument is stupid. It was stupid back when he were laughing at the Wii, and it’s stupid now. Bad marketing is bad marketing. I think you have a wonderful future in it, BTW.

When the discussion is about the message and not the product, the message has failed.

I think the Wii-naming decision might turn out to have been quite smart. It’s silly, but endearing. What was the other option? “Revolution”? Now that’s lame.

Could it allude to the end sequence of 2001: A Space Oddysey?

If you are, you’re not alone. I hate them too.

My hate for Apple’s Mac vs PC commercials burns strong than any of the above.

Yeah I don’t like them either. On top of that, the “Playstation 3” logo at the end looks just like the Spider-Man movie title font.

— Alan

That kills me too, you’d think that they could afford different fonts!

I’m glad someone else finally mentioned it.

People have been talking about the Spider-Man font for like two years. Is this your first time on the internet?

I’ve been to the internet at least twice before, thank you!

Are you considered to be “people”?

— Alan

If you are, you’re not alone. I hate them too.

Me too, but not as much as the “We’ve told you for years that PCs suck compared to an i-smug, now the latest generation i-smug is technically no different to a PC which makes it so much greater than the last generation i-smug (and your PC btw, just in case you were wondering)!”

On the flip side, I really like the Wii commercials with the two Japanese guys in the Wii-mobile going around intorducing people to the Wii. Simple, funny, effective.

I’m having flashbacks to the “Ads” thread in EE.

But I like the Wii would like to play ads, too.