The PS3 ads are retarded

The truth is they didn’t really need ANY adverstising. They should have saved the money, at least for a while. They are selling everything they can make.

This was my question as well: Why are they advertising when the only thing the ads seem to do is highlight the fact that you can’t buy one anyway?

Well, when Joe Gamer apparently thought the thing cost $300, it makes me wonder what kind of impact Sony thinks their marketing campaign could have. Any marketing campaign. It seems like they did it because they were expected to, and Chiat Day did their bizarre shtick because it was expected of them as well. Some kind of corporate inertia, combined with an excess of hubris. I think Chiat Day could have made some better commercials, but I get the sense that they were too busy congratulating each other on being awesome.

The only thing I can think of is that the ad campaign builds anticipation OOOOOOOHHHH because now you get all these ads (that should say ON SALE NOW!!! GET!!! or exploding multichrome walrus penises or whatever edgily implies an item is on sale these days) and dreary electronics retail clerks saying it’s sold out and you see the price tag and go WHAT but save up (maybe) or run up a credit card (more likely) when you finally can buy one. And then Sony dances naked in fields of lilac and honeysuckle with Jesus and the Burger King and the world ends.

how is that pronounced? because I’m laughing at the prospect of a marketing company called, essentially, ‘shit day’

Here is an interesting article around the Sony/TBWA advertising partnership:

That presents a huge challenge for TBWA going into the Christmas season. The goal isn’t to sell the PS3 on the first day of the launch - PlayStation fans will probably grab every one of the 400,000 units off the shelves.

The agency’s job is to persuade those who leave the store empty-handed to wait - to not buy Xbox or Wii - even if it means holding off until after Christmas before Sony can ramp up its manufacturing enough to satisfy the demand.

The agency wound up simplifying this idea to a white room in which the black console exhibits weird powers, as it does in the TV commercial with the baby doll. Sony loved it. “Good, bad, or indifferent, you are going to have an emotional reaction to that ad,” says Kaz Hirai, CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment America. “I want that kind of emotional swelling to be a reflection of what we’re trying to accomplish with the PS3.”

Well, they are almost as annoying as the new Head-On commercials. Which have clueless morons interrupting the old Head-On commercials.

The idea is that, as annoying as the old commercials are, the product works. But since it’s some load of holistic bullshit, it doesn’t.

Hahahaha “to not buy a Wii or XBox and wait?” In your fucking dreams, Sony.