The PS3 Problem

It’s all psychobabble rap to me

I agree. I was just expressing my general opting out of the console wars.

It’s not just end users who have taken a stake in the console wrs; it’s developers, publishers and reviewers too - as well as fanboys.

I’m not even sugesting my “opting out” of the console war by embracing both is a credible option to everyone.

But it is an option for me. Ideally, it should be an option for reviewer and user alike.

Brilliant originality rarely gets rewarded. Last I checked, Valkyria Chronicles was winning the “best game nobody played” awards quite handily.

I know, I know. Strategy genre is not the mainstream breakthrough you meant with the GTA reference. Perhaps; perhaps not.

But originality and daring is rarely rewarded in this business, just the same.

It’s time for some big budget hentai games. That’s the PS3’s only hope. ;)

While I suppose the type of breakout smash you’re describing is technically possible, I don’t think it’s very likely. The game would have to be something completely new, fresh, compelling, marketable, and most of all exclusive. I’m sure PS3 will (eventually) add a title to its library that boosts its sales, it would have to be a massive, massive hit to shake the PS3 out of its last-place position. Based on my incredibly rough and poor math, you’d need an exclusive title that sold in excess of 10 million units to catch up to the 360, much less the Wii. I’m basing that on the numbers I’ve seen that show the PS3 about 7 million units behind the 360 world wide. So in reality, the hypothetical game would have to sell even more to account for all the people buying it who already own the console.

Meanwhile, the 360 and Wii have established themselves to the point where we can feel free to say a big game isn’t really all that great without it being a referendum on the whole platform. Will that point ever get here for the PS3? Please? Will we be able to find flaw in God of War 3 or Gran Turismo without it being taken as some sort of tacit slap in the face to the entire platform?

Well, it looks like you’re already doing so, which is where you ought to be. Will others? Depends on the person.

I’ve been about as critical of the PS3 as anyone, but of course people will own it and enjoy it on its own merits, just as people did with other “last place” finishers like the GameCube.

A game like Infamous has a better chance of getting people excited about PS3, because it is a little something different. The problem with that one is the same problem as Killzone, MGS4, etc. It’s going after the same old audience of brown/grey gamers and there’s obviously an upper limit to the public’s interest in those games.

I do find it mildly amusing that Jason started this thread as he’s about as pro Xbox 360 as it gets around here and often says things that start the battles. You could argue this post is just another to fan the flames…

And of course the most anti-xbox person on the board brings this up…

Man Dave, you were actually making some sense in the KZ2 thread and not being annoying!

I’ve never perceived Jason’s posts as trying to fan flames or start debates. He’s certainly fond of the Xbox but I don’t think he comes anywhere close to being some “agent provocateur”.

In fact, why even make that kind of statement at all? It makes you look like the one trying to stir things up.

Dude, how many times do I have to say I’m not “anti-Xbox”. I use the thing to play games sometimes. I don’t like that it fucking breaks all the time, OK? I think it’s ridiculous that people accept it as some kind of cost of gaming. It’s a piece of junk mechanically.

There are some fine games on every platform. And I play all of them, but some more than others because of the games I personally enjoy. And when faced with the decision to buy a game that’s available on multiple platforms, I usually don’t buy it on the 360 specifically because I don’t want to turn it on one day and not be able to play because my 360 broke… again.

Any money spent on fixing it is money I could’ve spent on something else, like the fucking root canal I’m getting next week. That’s it, end of conspiracy.

Also, get this, Sony sent me Gran Turismo 5 Prologue to review last year and sweetened the deal with a Dual Shock 3. They were corresponding with me regularly before the review came out, etc. I gave it a bad review and haven’t heard from them since. Nintendo couldn’t even figure out how to send me Professor Layton for that review either. So basically none of the console makers give a shit who Dave Long is. Does that make you happy?

Anyway, my PS3 problem is the thing is still too damn expensive. I wouldn’t mind having a Blu-ray player to watch movies I get from but $400 is still way too much for me to justify.

End users (players) taking sides in “console” wars have always struck me as silly and not really worth debating. I currently have an Xbox 360 and a Nintendo DS. I buy the systems that work best for my needs, that’s about it.

I do find the actual market battle between the different companies interesting to watch and enjoy speculation on that front (things like, “Can the industry indefinitely support three major hardware platforms?”)

Just a friendly tip, you don’t get to revise your own hard earned reputation with one irked message board post.

While I don’t disagree with the bulk of your argument, the first Killzone sold over two million copies. Not a runaway hit, but a good number of people have played it.

This is true, but it’s also the latest in an increasingly long ling of PS3 “system sellers” that don’t, for more than a month, sell systems.

Which was sort of my point, maybe not articulated well enough. Of course we all know the problem - too many people attaching the success and/or quality of the game with the success and/or quality of the system. All systems run into this, but the PS3 seems to perpetually have this problem.

What I’m wondering is - what can Sony do to get out of this lock? Can they even? What criteria needs to be met before a big game getting “only” a “very good” score is enough to bring out just the game’s fanboys, and not the system’s?

I mean, when the PS2 was three years old, a big game could come out like a Final Fantasy or something and if it only got a 9.2 and not a 9.6, only the Final Fantasy fanboys were peeved. Not the whole Playstation army. It was okay for a big game to be “merely very good.” The PS3 seemingly hasn’t hit that point yet. Can it? How? When? Discuss…

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“Well babycakesalot, here is a special gift for you,” she said, pulling a plastic container out of her purse.

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But I got a disc read error.

Amazingly, years ago, I was torn between the PS3 and the 360. 360 had Mass Effect, and the PS3 had God of War. Which to get?

Eventually I decided upon the 360.

Now, the PS3 is a joke. I’ve given up and got a Blu-Ray player – fuck GoW3. The 360 has brought me countless hours of gaming bliss, more than I ever could have imagined. Crackdown. Fucking CRACKDOWN. I don’t even remember Mass Effect. Saints Row. Fable 2. Holy shit!

Gaming nirvana, and Sony fucking sucks!

I have become teh fanboi.

EDIT: Oh, and I have two 360s, and have called in the coffin 3-4 times BUT I DON’T EVEN CARE.

Xenon devkit drop like flies in a room filled with pesticides while PS3 devkit about the size of a couch!!!

I hate them both, why can’t we just develop game for PC only.

You can, you lucky devil! But will people buy it – aye, there’s the rub!

The whole system war is half of why I’ve stopped caring about my consoles. If I want to talk about a game I want to talk about the game not fall down a slope into debating the merits of the consoles.

I don’t care what system its on, I don’t care how much it “pushes” that system all I care about is whether its fun and if the only games I can talk about like that are PC games well then fine I’ll start caring more and talking about PC games.

You only say that because you’re an adult and didn’t blow a year’s allowance on a system that none of your friends own so you can’t join in their conversations about how awesome Horde Mode is.