The PS3 Problem

Pretty much feel the same way, and couldn’t care less about the console war. But I thnk we have the luxury of not needing to justify our purchases in terms of getting the ‘right’ console.

That only goes so far though, the average age of a gamer isn’t 14 the average gamer is an adult yet you still observe the same behavior. The problem is they seem to tie their identity to a system and any perceived slight to a system is a slight against them. I’ve seen the same thing happen with a few people who were absolute Audi/Ford/etc fanatics who acted the same way with similar attacks.

I don’t like that it fucking breaks all the time, OK? I think it’s ridiculous that people accept it as some kind of cost of gaming. It’s a piece of junk mechanically.

I’ve told you a million times to stop exaggerating.

I’d say it’s pretty out of control. I think the lower a platform is on the NPD totem pole the more desperate the rantings of the lunatic fanboy. Remember the dreamcast fanboys? Now, that’s some enduring delusion there.

Part of the problem is the word “fanboy.” It provides a useful way to dismiss someone you disagree with without entering into a conversation with them or even considering their viewpoint. It needs to be said that just because someone has an opinion doesn’t mean they are hopelessly biased.

Unfortunately this kind of thing has infected most online message boards making it more and more difficult to find rational discussions.

You obviously never played Breed on the PC.

As Sony sukc (for reasons you ppl can’t even imagine), I’ve been trying to find an excuse to get a 360 for some time now.
Is there any game worth getting which is not on ps3, or is not (coming) on the PC and is NOT a shooter and is NOT Crackdown?

Why do you need to find an excuse? You know you shouldn’t buy a console when you have to look for a reason to buy it. When those reasons become obvious, that’s when you make the purchase.

Example: I bought my PS3 when I wanted to go from DVD to Blu-ray for my movies. Plus being a damn good Blu-ray player, it offered a bunch of other things (including games) that I may have been interested in. Hasn’t let me down.

That pretty much nails the thing and drives the head down flush to the wood in a single comment.

Exactly right.

Forza 2
Too Human
Geometry Wars 2
Fable 2
Bomberman Live
Mutant Storm Reloaded/Empire
Lost Odyssey
Tales of Vesperia
Dead Rising
Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts and Bolts
Marathon: Durandal
Marble Blast Ultra
Dead or Alive 4
Omega Five
Castle Crashers
Ninja Gaiden 2
Earth Defense Force
Ticket to Ride
Burnout Revenge
Saints Row
The Outfit

Those are the 360 exclusives that I’ve played that I could recommend. Most of them are also dirt cheap now.

But that’s true of anything. If you like Bioshock, you don’t feel the need to go on about it, because everyone (mostly) agrees with you. But if you genuinely think that Kameo was the greatest game in the history of ever, you feel compelled to speak up vociferously because everyone else is wrong.

Actually, most people do not feel that need. As Matt said earlier, vocal advocates and complainers about most things are a minority. I think the PS3 has more than the usual share BECAUSE it’s so expensive. I’m sure we would have seen this with the Jaguar and other systems that failed, if there had been all these fora for discussing it. But there weren’t. When you pay a whole lot for something, you want it to work and you want it to be justified. It’s the same when people buy pricey televisions or PCs or any kind of tech. Criticism is taken more to heart because you spent a lot of money on this thing and you don’t want to feel like an idiot for doing so.

As for a killer app for the PS3, it’s very unlikely. Valkyria is a great game; many love MGS4. Killzone sounds like a game I would very much enjoy. But none of these will change public perception or allow people in a tough economy to justify spending $400+ for a console, especially when the 360 and Wii offer much more value (depending on the type of games you like). I don’t think the problem is an upper limit on Killzone’s potential audience, as Dave suggests. First, I don’t think there is any evidence of such a limit compared to the Wii or 360. Second, as Matt mentioned, the original sold well over a million copies, which is plenty for big profit. The problem is largely comparative. Because of the install base of the 360 and Wii very few companies will bank on creating a PS3 exclusive. Why should they? As a result, there is little reason for most gamers to buy a PS3. There’s just too much entertainment provided by the competitors to justify the high cost of picking up a PS3 in order to play 2 or 3 games and (maybe) watch Blu-Ray movies.

It’s not the price it’s the popularity. Gamecube was the cheapest console of last gen and there were a lot of foul cries from the Nintendo crowd. I think mkozlows has it right. The dismissal of the PS3 as a respectable gaming system leaves some outraged because of there are some gems on the system. Sega fans did the same thing. Dreamcast fans did the same thing. etc. The smaller they are the louder (and more annoying) they have to be. ;p

Dead Rising

Right. I’m saying the price ADDS to that. I’m not saying it’s the only factor. Obviously that’s not the case. It just makes it worse.

Dead Rising 2 is coming out for PS3 though, right?

Right now, the existence of Dead Rising 2 is just a rumor.

The price is certainly a factor, though. If the PS3 were $200-300, it would have been a lot easier to justify picking it up just to play two or three games.

Hey, asked and answered in the same breath!

I’d buy one tomorrow if they cost that much. Blu-Ray and a handful of decent games, I’m in.

Yep. Me too. Just 100 dollars cheaper, and I would buy it today. Technically, I can afford it. But I can’t seem to justify the price as a value relative to the number of games I would buy for it.