The PS3 Problem

Technically, that came out for the PC 13 years ago.

You can even download it from Bungie.

I’m in the same boat. I own a Wii and two Xbox 360s including an Elite. I could go out and buy a PS3 right now without feeling the slightest pinch on my wallet, but I’d feel like a goober for doing it because it just doesn’t strike me as a good value proposition right now, and there isn’t yet a compelling enough feature or game to get me over the impulse buy hump.

There just aren’t too many games for the system I can’t get for my 360 (and for multiplatform titles I’ll always buy 360 even if/when I have a PS3 due to Live). And while there are some games on PS3 that I can’t get on my 360 or Wii, I only want to play them enough that I’d be willing to spend about $250-300 max on the hardware. I know that sooner or later the PS3 will cost that, even without sales, the price has to come down eventually. Since nothing on the PS3 screams MUST HAVE NOW to me, I can wait until that price point is hit and that’s what I plan on doing. It also helps that I’ve already got such a backlog of 360 games to play that I end up putting off purchases of 360 games I know I’d really like…

My rule of system buying definitely doesn’t apply to the PS3. Basically, if there are enough games I would buy with the system to equal the price of the hardware, I’ll consider it. Once that ratio gets a bit closer to 1:1, maybe I’ll pick one up on the cheap somehow, but for now, I’d never even consider it.

I won’t argue which system is better, but as someone with both, I feel it is a bit redundant. Threre really are not enough exclusives this generation to where having both consoles makes sense. It’s nice to have them both to be sure, but it really is just a luxury.

It’s complicated.
Sony need to be boycotted for their pathetic ps store policy (or the lack thereof) regarding some countries (including mine). But see, to truly boycott them one should support MS.
The problem is, every time I decide to get a 360 I can’t find any games I might like, other than a thing or two on Live Arcade.

I understand where you’re coming from (I’ve avoided particular companies for a variety of reasons over the years). Don’t you think, though, it might be hurting you more than Sony if you go off and spend money for something you don’t really want? It might even benefit Sony, if you find you don’t have much to keep you interested in the 360 in the long run and you begin to complain about it online. Think on it. It’s a conundrum.

In regards to the Blue’s comment about exclusives being scarce: will there be a time when the number of exclusives are mostly negligible anyway? They seem to already be on the downward swing, and without exclusives, people will flock to the platform that’s the best value. Unless you’re the Wii, which seems to be in a gaming class of its own.

I would agree with this - except for the Blu-Ray and media streaming on the PS3.

Yes, I know the 360 can upscale DVDs and media stream as well - but it’s just too damn loud to use for that purpose AFAIAC.

The PS3 is awesome for that and quiet as hell. That capability justifies the unit for me easily with the extra games out for it as well.

There is more drama to it. I actually like the PS3. And any console game that I want to play is on it.
Ah, this sweet existential Hamlettian angst!
Oh, snap.
It is only that I find it mildly amusing and brow-raising when people start talking about how all/most_of the good games are on the 360. And guess what? There is nothing (except Castle Crashers) there that I feel even remotely like playing which isn’t on the PS3 or the PC, or even the DS (N+ and Geometry Wars).

PS: Sony still DO suck, though, for the reasons above.

You know, even though sales-wise things stack out Wii, 360, PS3 in that order (with PS3 a distant third.), for me it’s 360, PS3, Wii (with Wii a distant third.). The PS3’s overpriced, victim of much baffling mismanagement and incompetence on Sony’s part (could I please have hardware backcompatibility put back in? Thanks.), and hurting for exclusives. Sure. I do not dispute any of this, and there’s a reason I haven’t got one yet. But at least Sony still wants me as a customer and is making or courting my sorts of games. Nintendo…not so much. And obviously it’s working out for them just fine. But I’ll probably be picking up a PS3 when that federal tax return of mine rolls in. A Wii? Even if I could find one, I don’t think that’ll be happening anytime soon.

How do you effectively use the PS3’s media streaming when it doesn’t play AVIs? Do you convert them? What do you use it for? I have both, but the 360 seems better since it plays AVIs, or at least most of them.

It does play AVIs. Even XVid/DivX.
Also, even if it didn’t, when streaming, decoding can be done on the media server machine. So the PS3 gets conveniently decoded data it understands.

I’ve never managed to get the PS3 to stream usefully. But that’s probably because my main machine is a Mac.

I think that a lot of people defending Killzone 2 are doing it because they’re sick of Xbox 360 fans bashing them for liking the PS3. I own all three systems and I’m constantly being called upon to justify the PS3. It’s ridiculous. I actually prefer the PS3 exclusives to those on the Xbox 360, but that doesn’t matter. I buy plenty of Xbox 360 games, anyway. Also, why should it matter if I own a PS3? I find it an incredible value. There are a lot of great games and it plays my Blu-Ray discs as well as any $400 dedicated machine would (better, even). Any games I play on it are just a bonus!

It seems like any time a PS3 fan starts to say that he had fun on the PS3, someone else comes in and posts a list of 20 games on the Xbox 360 that will melt his face and calls him a fool for liking the PS3. Nevermind that most of those games are FPS titles that probably don’t interest the PS3 fan (or he would’ve bought an Xbox 360 in the first place).

So I would say that overall, overzealous Xbox 360 fans brought a lot of this upon us. The other part is obviously what others have already said in this thread: the system with the smallest userbase will always have the most vocal defenders. Likewise, the system with the largest userbase will be the favorite dumping ground for just about everyone, even people who own it, because hating something that’s popular is a huge boost to your credibility on game forums.

What I really wish is that every gamer could afford every system. Then the console flame wars would go away. You can bet that most people debating which system is the best right now can’t afford all three. I can’t imagine that we would see whole forums flooded with people battling over these things if it all came down to intellectual curiosity. People argue with such fervor because they’re backing one console or another with their hard-earned money. Consoles are the new political candidates.

Video can be tricky. AVI is a generic container and doesn’t really say what the vid is encoded with. The PS3 can certainly handle almost anything that you can throw at it. Also there are media servers like TVersity or PS3 Media Server that transcodes anything that the PS3 can’t handle.

I for one have been very tired of people saying (in effect) - “Hey, the PS3 is a bargain as a BluRay player!” I’m sure it is, or at the very least was when it came out. So? It’s a videogame console. When I purchase mine, it will be to play games on it. BluRay will be a nice bonus, nothing more.

The dropping prices of standalone Blu-ray players make that part of the PS3 less compelling than it once was. Heck, I could get a Blu-ray drive for my PC for $150 or so vs. $400 for the PS3.

Mind you, if the rumored price drop for the PS3 comes to pass, it will close the gap again (assuming the drop is at least $100 – less than that and I don’t think it’d have much impact).

This is more like what people usually say. They buy one to play some games but come to realize it’s pretty great as a movie player too.

We watch pretty much everything on the PS3 now that comes in disc format. The only movies we don’t watch on there are the older stuff the kids watch through Netflix on the 360 when we haven’t planned ahead for a movie night with standard disc-based Netflix.

Dave’s experience matched mine. I bought my PS3 as a dedicated game machine and considered Blu-Ray a nice bonus. I also picked it up because Sony had phased out backwards compatability and I wanted to get one that would play my PS2 and PSX stuff. Since picking up my PS3, I’ve played something like 20 games, but it’s been used for DVD and Blu-Ray much more than that.

The PS3 is a lot like the Xbox 360. To see the real benefits and fully appreciate the system, you really need to drop your preconceptions and just let yourself have fun. Of course, the different price points and the negative word of mouth (most of which seems to be fueled by people who have seldom if ever played a PS3) mean that it’s not particularly likely that someone would choose to give the PS3 a shot ahead of the Xbox 360.

I’m clearly doing something wrong then - is there a resource that explains how to set up all this?

o.k., I’ll try again. I did try TVersity and couldn’t get it working. Maybe I have router/firewall issues. Maybe I should dump my Dlink wireless router.