The Punisher (Netflix)


It’s official–coming soon. Not much more beyond that.

— Alan


Bernthal is the only reason for this, I’m guessing. He did a great job in a role that really could’ve just turned into a one dimensional train wreck.


I could have sworn that a Punisher series was part of the initial slate but when everyone started gushing about Bernthal in season 2 Daredevil I did a little research and I guess not. Glad it’s happening, though.


Heh, I still need to see Daredevil season 2. :) I keep hearing how good the Punisher is in it though.


Bernthal looks like he should be playing thugs and heavies in everything. But he’s a pretty decent actor with a little more range than you’d expect after seeing him. I’m glad he’s found a role that plays to all his strengths.


On one hand it’s cool to see a well liked character get their own show. I do hope they don’t get overloaded trying to juggle all these Marvel shows. They still have 2 of the original to get out and “The Defenders” to do. Don’t want to see the quality drop for the sake of trying to cash in on the Comic book movie/TV craze going on.


Im glad they did pick this up, Bernthal was great in Daredevil season 2 and earned the chance to carry a Punisher series. While The Punisher is a “comic book” character, hes really not your classic comic book hero. I really dont think the comic book roots are that important here. Frank Castle is not some super hero with unbelievable powers, hes a highly skilled, very focused and driven revenge porn vehicle. Stallone and Arnold have made a killing playing this type of character and if the writing is good, the connection to Marvel is superfluous to the end product.


He’s not technically superpowered but there is very little Punisher does that is actually realistically possible. I mean, I’m not complaining - I enjoy suspending my disbelief for much wilder stuff - but it’s still pretty over the top.


Only additional bit of news is that Steve Lightfoot, who was EP on the last two seasons of Hannibal, will be the showrunner.

— Alan


It’s definitely over the top, but they could set a different tone for it than the grimdark of Daredevil, if they wanted to (see the Punisher movies). I don’t think they’ll go that route, but if they wanted to introduce levity/emotion into the character, I think they could make him more than just a dark revenge driven killing machine.

I don’t think they will, but I’d welcome it if they did a good job. There’s plenty of grimdark in the various superhero franchises already. Both DD and JJ are (incredibly well done and) depressingly dark.


When I used to read comics as a kid, I loved the Punisher. I have been disappointed by all of the Punisher movies. I was especially let down when they cast Titus Pullo as the Punisher and that movie sucked also.

The Punisher in the Daredevil series has been the best version of the character and I am very much looking forward to this series.


Trailer released!


Looks good. A bit too many story reveals in this trailer it looks like though. Wonder when in 2017 it will be.


Trailer is awesome. Hopefully the whole series delivers. Main concern is they push usual 13 episodes which is has been to many for most the Marvel shows.

As for when it shouldn’t be till November or maybe December even as there’s two other series already listed for Oct for Netflix.


So, that trailer looked horrible. All it did was highlight all the parts of Punisher I, and all those I know that saw Daredevil, didn’t like. All the ultravoilence, which is just boring superficial stuff. Daredevil, and most of the other Netflix Marvel shows, were interesting and great because of the stories, the people, the suffering, and how it brought the human aspect of superheroes into play.
This? This looked like an 80’s action movie - I’ll pass if thats what it is, but I hope whomever cut the trailer just didn’t know better.


That’s a great trailer, super hyped for this one. I am pleased to see it comes out pretty soon … in 2017, eh?


New trailer, and a release date - 11/17/2017! Just a month away!


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Snark, very nicely done.


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