The Punisher (Netflix)


Punisher is here to remind us that CGI blood always looks terrible and using it is stupid.


One has to assume CGI blood is not only worse, but more expensive to implement.


So further thoughts:

Jon Bernthal is a far better man than we deserve and was entrancing as the Punisher in this. The sheer animalistic rage he was able to convey was downright scary to watch at times, but the subtler moments of simmering fury and quiet hopelessness were just as impressive. Pretty much the whole cast was on-point, though.

Someone said somewhere, maybe here, that the show treats the characters with a great deal of respect, and I think that lends what they’re all going through and coping with way more gravity than I was counting on from a Marvel Netflix show. I dunno, maybe it was all super predictable and obvious for those of you smarter and savvier than me, but I was hooked all along the way. This was like a bloodier, crazier cop show, and I used to love those things. When Punisher actually got to cut loose and go full on one-man war machine, the show as definitely at its peak for me, but I can’t say I outright disliked anything going on here.

Might be my fave Marvel show so far.


I’ve only watched one episode so far but <3


I think this is the best Marvel show on Netflix. The writing and acting is excellent.


3 episodes in. This guy sure does eat a lot of canned chili.


He was eating B&M beans in ep 3. That’s the episode I just finished too.


Is it true that you don’t see him, as the actual Punisher, until the 12th episode?


Almost. Once very early in a flashback. He burns (I think? Discards, anyway) the body armour.


It’s not an origin story like S1 Daredevil. He was already the Punisher in S2 Daredevil, and although he tries to settle down and stop being that, there’s no waiting around for him to get back into that mode really.


It’s really more that he isn’t wearing a white skull on his chest for most of his ass-kicking time. He’s still in full on Punisher mode, and people even refer to him as that.


I mean, he murders the shit out of everyone, all the time.[

So that’s Punisher-esque, at the very least.


8 episodes in now. Really digging it, particularly Frank’s interactions with Micro’s family. I was really hoping Billy Russo would turn out to be the good guy he was so good at pretending to be, both to avoid the cliche of the corrupt PMC and because that guy is so damn charming and having someone like that on Frank’s side would have been great. But no, of course not. And hey, he makes a good complicated, vicious villain, too.


I disagree S2 of Daredevil was essentially Punishers Origin story.


Sure. But this show isn’t.


@malkav11 is saying Punisher isn’t an origin story, not like how Daredevil’s own S1 was. Since Punisher was already the Punisher in Daredevil S2, this show can’t be an origin story.


So the stuff with his family and the flashbacks are covered in DD S2 then?




Finished e10 or e11 last night. So how did Russo’s men know where Micro’s hideout was?


Micro’s wife had been calling “Pete.” That got them his burner cell number. He had that on him at the ideout regularly. Since Russo’s men could effectively tap into the full US surveillance industry via their FBI connections, it wasn’t hard to figure out where said cellphone had been spending most of its free time.