The Punisher (Netflix)


This turned out to be really good, start to finish!


I put this right up with Daredevil for quality. Very good cast with Bernthal leading the way. Also credit to them not shying away at all with who the Punisher is, especially those last 3 episodes. Just brutal.


What a great series! So looking forward to season 2!


I hope they find a good excuse for Micro to stay involved. I really enjoyed the actor and the character’s relationship with Frank.


I actually found the character of Micro probably exactly as grating and frustrating as Frank did throughout which, hey, props to the guy playing him, but his twerpy quirkiness kinda wore out its welcome near the end for me. Maybe removing some of his Nerdly Pathos makes him interesting again.


In rather not-so-shocking news…


Grand news!


Sweet, now they need to put him into The Defenders. Would be a great wildcard to an already oddball group.


Or at least CG him into all of Iron Fist and have him kill everyone.