The Punisher (Netflix)


This season seems to follow the fine tradition of trying to humanise the villains which started with Kingpin in Daredevil. I’m really enjoying it so far.


Yeah, 4 episodes in so far and this is quality stuff. I’m really excited for the next episode, but we discovered around Luke Cage Season 2 or so that these shows are best watched once a day or so, rather than binging them. And since is probably the last season of the Marvel/Netflix stuff, we’re trying to savor it.


I enjoyed the first season and I have been enjoying the second one(I am roughly at the same point, 3 episodes in) for the silly action procedural in the vain of 80s shows, but with more blood, that I think it is.
The daily last 15 minutes of killing don’t make me feel quite as comfortable as watching David Hasselhoff pushing the turbo boost button, but it’s pretty close.


I’m through 6 episodes and season 2 has been great. Punisher continues to be the best of the Marvel Netflix shows. I think the episode in the sheriff’s station was exceptional.


Was the most recent one I watched, and yeah, it was real damn good.

Punisher has no right to be this good. Then again, neither did Daredevil.


That sheriff was instantly likable, he should get his own series.


The whole staff was impressively well drawn for guest characters. Really great casting and performances.