The Puzzle Games Thread


No you don’t… just mentioning Slayaway Camp is also available for mobile now too:


@geggis does induction require you to change things as the level is playing (looks like stuff auto moves, but hard to tell) ? I prefer puzzle games where you don’t, which is why I haven’t picked up Causality.


Yeah, there’s no pause feature unfortunately, just ‘play’, rewind and fast forward, which means you have to work out what you’re going to do then do it and make slight adjustments along the way. Sometimes you’ll realise that you screwed something up early on so will effectively have to start from scratch but the solutions aren’t drawn out and tedious enough for that to be an issue (as I found with Snakebird).

All this zipping back and forth to tweak your solution results in a flurry of small eureka moments building up to you finishing the level. It also helps you understand the overall solutions more because they get pretty nuts. It’s been quite a while since I felt so psyched and smart after cracking a puzzle!

Interestingly, from the level select screen you can see your ‘flat’ solution playing out in a linear fashion which exposes those tricksy paradoxes.


It’s not even pausing. I just prefer puzzlers where you aren’t making changes on the fly while the solution is playing out, even if it doing so isn’t twitchy.

On another note, for any puzzle rpg fans, Ticket to Earth released on iOS today and is fantastic so far. Some caveats: it is coming to android and PC. It is going to have three more installments. No word on what the cost will be.


Bomb Squad Academy looks very cool, though apparently it’s not very long:


Just going to drop this recommendation in here about Cosmic Express from the Stephen’s Sausage Roll thread.

This has been on my radar for a while and seems up my street.


I had checked out Induction, but it looked very, very challenging. I probably will check it before my old days, but I have no idea if my mind will warp around its concepts.


It is challenging but it does a great job of slowly introducing you to the mechanics and rules while opening up tougher branches to test your mettle along the way. Gah, I need to get back to this myself. Got horribly distracted!


This one is iOS only, and one of the best puzzlers (not to mention most unique) I’ve ever played:

Really ought to set about getting further in it one of these days.


Slayaway Camp is on sale for $5 at the Humble Store at the moment. I just picked it up and it looks to be hilarious.


Mm, good little puzzler. Takes a while to get challenging, but stick with it.


Oh cool, will pick that up. Thanks for the heads up.


Picked up both Zero Age and Induction this week. Both are fantastic puzzlers, but Induction is hurting my brain. There is one particular puzzle I’ve been trying for hours and can’t solve yet.

Anyone have hints for this bastard?


Haha, yeah, I sent this shortly after launch to the developer:

@bryangale This puzzle will be the end of me. How have you crammed so much evil into such a tiny space? Loving Induction btw.

— Gregg Burnell (@geggiiis) February 10, 2017

Still not solved it :-(

Seriously, someone on the Stephen’s Sausage Roll thread said that a couple of levels they were convinced were logically impossible and that’s exactly how I feel about this one. I’ve spent hours on it too. The thing is, it’s literally one of the smallest and simplest looking levels.


But think how amazing it will feel when you figure it out.


FTFY ;-)


Just finished The Sexy Brutale, as discussed briefly here. It’s really, really good, guys. Maybe not quite as good as Ghost Trick, but what is? Play this game!


Thanks for the reminder, that looks really interesting.

@Vesper, did you crack it? :-)

I’ve been playing the excellent Cosmic Express on my phone recently. It’s available on most platforms.

The aim is to build a track so that your little train can pick up all the aliens lazing around a space station and drop them all off at their habitats to allow you to exit and move on.

Like Induction and Snakebird, it’s non-linear so if you get stuck you can go struggle somewhere else and come back later. It’s a really simple design that gets fiendishly difficult without feeling daunting or unwieldy, with plenty of ‘aha!’ moments. A very impressive and surprising little game.
From the developers of A Good Snowman is Hard to Build, which I hear is also great.


I found a solution on the steam forums. Not sure I would have ever figured that out myself. Sheesh.


I’d love to know it but… I’m too stubborn. If I break, I’ll keep you posted!