The Puzzle Games Thread

That looks really cool. So does Neon Noodles, particularly for Opus Magnum fans. That’s weird. This was showing up as glass masquerade dlc

Heard about a couple thanks to Buried Treasure:

Seek Etyliv – A dungeon crawler taking place entirely on a 3x3 grid.

Sands of Solaris – A light-beam puzzle driven by card play.

Logiart Grimoire came out in Early Access, for those that need a picross fix. Jupiter Corporation is the developer, although I’m unfamiliar with their Nintendo work. The game has an overarching story to try to link the puzzles together and a fusion mechanic that I haven’t delved into yet. It does have good tutorials for those new to the picross addiction.

That’s pretty neat! Looks like you use the objects from solved puzzles to craft new puzzles.

Jupiter is the team behind almost all the picross games on Nintendo systems going back to the original Mario’s Picross. They’re great. Grabbing this!

My next picross fix! I fell deep into Murder By Numbers earlier this year, putting 60 hours into it. First time playing picross!

Meanwhile, a new (just released a week or 2 ago?) Sokoban game from the makers of Sokobos, called SokoSolitaire. (Disclaimer: I’ve not played Sokobos.)

Ok wait a tick. Daisy games did these 2 games in between Sokobos and SokoSolitarire, and they look like a more insane combination of Sokoban and Chess.
SokoChess (I’m buying this right now and trying it out.)

SokoChess White

Station to Station launched today. Its a puzzle game more than a train game. You connect stations with track to fulfill needs, more than creating a vast rail network. More puzzly than a train game. Looks gorgeous and full of charm.

Yeah thats been on my wishlist awhile, just waiting for a better sale price. :P

Well I made it 11 days before buying it, I am weak.

Lovely looking puzzle game with trains. :)

@tomchick a Wind-meal!

Town grows based on resources sent to it.


Finished up Greendale in under an hour.

That is quite lovely! But whatever game that is, the draw distance is terrible. And it ends pretty sharply. They should look into a better engine. I mean, even Minecraft has a better draw distance and that game is, like, from the 90s, I think.

So is it like a chill, put the pieces together one at a time kind of puzzle game? Or a brain-burning, I tried it one way and it was wrong, now try something else but I have no idea what kind of puzzle game?

I just came in to share some screenshots and found this. I love the maps so much and the puzzles are just the right level I need right now (not so hard).

The small maps are populated with resources to connect, I am still early in and being spoon fed gameplay info/rules. I am wondering if the maps get bigger as you progress?

I really like the way the map goes from mild color tones to vibrant colors when you fulfill a resource locations needs (usually asking for a goods type).

I browsed the Steam reviews and there were a couple things mentioned. Is this game as simple as putting down train stations and then using that money to put down another station? Also, does the scoring system encourage the player to build things in an illogical order?

In the first complaint the players didn’t seem to have a lot of play time so I wondered if it starts off really basic but adds more as you go along. It sure is pretty and I like logistical games if there is at least some meat and challenge to them.

It is a simple game. Definitely not an RRT contender :)

Your description is pretty much correct. Is about connecting points on the map together in the most efficient, i.e. cheap manner, so you want to lay as short a track as possible and avoid bridges.

The game doesn’t care how far away resources are from their consumers, or how many hops they go through, as long as they are connected.

You get a bonus for each resource when you ‘close’ a network. Probably that’s what the complaint regarding illogical order is about. I don’t find it an issue because again, this is not a sim.

The goal in each map is to connect all the buildings. Secondary goals would be to have $X left, build a rail over a certain length or find four camels.

I’m on the 2nd chapter which adds cards. Cards provide bonuses such as ‘half the cost of your next rail’ and you need to figure out when best to play them. There are still three more chapters so we’ll see if there are more mechanics added.

Thanks for the explanation !

This is a good breakfast and lunch game. My wife and son are usually gone when I eat breakfast and lunch during the week, so I tend to play simple turn based games while I eat. This game fits the bill. I finished the first world this morning, completing the optional challenges. It was fairly easy, but required enough thought to be fun. I imagine the regions get a bit more complex as the game progresses. The addition of cards adds a bit more planning. I guess it depends how many cards we get - if they are not too common so we need to save them for the right time.

When you figure out the map logistics just right, to allow for the final station connection to give you a massive bonus, along with the card modifiers.


I am playing Manifold Garden again… some puzzles are really, really wonderful.

like this one

I did a deep dive this weekend looking for a simple but satisfying logic puzzle game for the Steam Deck, something of the same caliber and elegance as Hexcells. Not a clone but something worthy of that level.

I didn’t find anything. If I missed something great, please let me know!