The Puzzle Games Thread


Its out and its free! They offer an optional DLC for purchase with a few extra missions and some skins.


This trailer makes me 6 kinds of happy.


Is this hex-based minesweeper?


Hexcells is hex-based minesweeper. This looks like hex-based sudoku, in a way.


Yes, it is more like hex-based sudoku


Ah, I see it now. Or a bit like Picross.


Speaking of Picross, anyone know if Picross 3D Round 2 for the 3DS ever goes on sale? I guess I could bite the bullet, I just like $20 better than $30 as a price point.


I’ve unfortunately never seen it on sale. I was a bit put off by the price point, too, but after I bought it I didn’t regret it. If you liked any of the other 3DS Picross games, 2d or 3d, you really can’t go wrong with Round 2. It’s by far the best handheld Picross game.


Once it tilts, that game is absolutely delightful. You probably don’t need to be told that, but I had to let it out.


I grabbed and finished Escape Goat 2 over the week-end. It was light fun for the most part, when it didn’t fall into the traps of the first game and became a lousy action-platforming game (the last 2 stages were remarkably bad on this front). While the peaceful atmosphere of the first game was there, the game remarkably lacked any sort of payoff. It was the strangest ending, with a fake first ending to tease you into pursuing a new ending… that gave no extra reward whatsoever. I guess the game was rushed when it was released 3 years ago?
In any case, I can’t recommend this sort of experience in a Stephen’s Sausage/Into the Breach/Snakebirtd/and-potentially-Talos-Principle-which-I-have-just-begun world anymore.


Figured we need an post here with the release of the second game in series.

Glass Masquerade 2: Illusions

FYI the first game and all the dlc is $1 over on Fanatical for the next 6 days.


I loved the first game but creepy clown = no buy.

Hate clowns. Ugggh.


Enjoying Glass Masquerade 2 a lot so far. Puzzles seem harder than the first. I’m not playing on crazy hard ‘have to rotate the pieces’ mode yet.


Finished up A Good Snowman is Hard to Build , it was relaxing and unique, if it hits $1-2 bucks again I recommend it.


That’s by Alan Hazelden who made Cosmic Express which I still highly recommend!


downloading Baba is you right now! I heard of it last year during IGF and then I forgot about it until this week, when it came out. Instead of describing the genius of this rules manipulating puzzle game, I link to the release video ( PC and Switch)

maybe an own thread for it would be justified


It’s brilliant, a few dozen levels in, but I can’t play for more than 30 min or so before my head starts to hurt.


level 6 is off limits to me… (don’t spoil it if you solved it) Have you @CLWheeljack ?


Don’t have it in front of me at the moment, but I’ve cleared the first couple of worlds, so I think so.

New thread:


After seeing it in the frame game, I picked up both Glass Masquerade titles this past week.

I loved the first. The second, unfortunately, seems like it tossed away a lot of what made the first so relaxing and enjoyable. Single puzzle shape, much higher complexity at the lower difficulty (meaning it was a far less relaxing title), and a terribly UI for the world map.

I still enjoyed both titles; hoping there’s DLC for the sequel that adds back in some varied shapes.