The Puzzle Games Thread

Well now you’ve made me go back to it and I can’t remember the trick! Not managed to crack the last level yet.

Edit: ohhh, yeah, the # is a sneaky one! Such a clever little game.

I managed to solve it via pen and paper during a meeting I was half-attending. Sneaky indeed!

However the next level is plainly impossible. (…and repeat!)

And done! The final level is a real brain burner but, damn, super satisfying. I think this might be one of my all-time favourites!

Agreed. Great creative puzzle game! Thanks for the link. I want to send the dev some $$

Same! It’ll be one of my games of the year without a doubt.

Is anyone excited for World of Goo 2? Out in less than a month and I haven’t heard much buzz.

I adored the first game but that was back before the dawn of civilization.

Yeah, I played through the first and really liked it, but thought the concept was pretty played out. I didn’t need more of it.

I admit I’m mostly excited because it was one of the first wave of modern indies. I don’t actually know if I want to play more! Solid play on Steam Deck will help. I’m still playing Hexcells after all.

Yeah I loved it back in the day and Little Inferno was excellent so I’m hopeful World of Goo 2 will be great too.

I’m in the planning stages for what I hope will be my first game to be published on Steam, and doing some market research to understand what players actually expect from those games. What abstract puzzle games games should I be looking at to see the best-in-category on Steam? Steam’s discoverability for this genre is abysmal[0] due to how the tagging works, so it’s quite hard to find the good or even popular ones.

What I mean by abstract puzzles is stuff like Sudoku, Picross, Minesweeper, etc, and those puzzles being the whole game rather than embedded in some kind of a larger meta game. Bonus points for games that are novel designs rather than just variants of the well known classics.

I’m not looking for things like programming games, Sokoban variants with various twists, Solitaire games, logistics/factory games, puzzle platformers or anything else with a realtime element. If it has a story, it’s probably right out.

More concretely, I just grabbed the following:

It’s heavy on Minesweeper-style games, but probably because that just happened to be my entry point on this particular delve. But there must be a bunch of good non-Minesweeper games in the same style there.

[0] That might be a sign I should be picking a different genre, but there’s reasons why I think this is the right choice.

I wondered the same thing when I got a Steam Deck and asked for puzzle games since Hexcells that were as good as Hexcells.

Searching back in the thread, it looks like you found the ones mentioned!

Tametsi is best-in-class for the minesweeper variants, I think.

I’m currently enjoying Railbound, a puzzle game about laying rail tracks, but that might not be abstract enough in it’s theming?

(If that kind of thing does fit, check out the other games from that developer as well.)

It might be worth looking at:

Yeah, I should have specified that restriction. It’s a bit arbitrary, from the point of somebody looking to buy or play games - why would some theme and graphics hurt? But for scoping purposes I need to keep my project fully abstract.

Even English Country Tune is already too much into the game-game side of the spectrum for me, but there’s actually some good looking candidates in the bundle that it’s part of. I should have thought of that as an additional discovery mechanism. Thanks for making me have another look at its Steam page :)

Anyone else playing Isles of Sea and Sky? I’m finding it very addictive… I think I’m at 17 stars and counting. I find when I get stumped on a puzzle, I can just wander off exploring and make progress elsewhere. Very satisfying!

Btw one other very good one in case you hadn’t seen it, kind of Picross x Minesweeper - I picked it up based on John Walker’s review:

Absolutely! Finished it last month. It’ll be on my games of the year list for sure!

+1 for Ethereal, great game.