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Also spelled Megillah

1.Judaism The scroll containing the biblical narrative of the Book of Esther, traditionally read in synagogues to celebrate the festival of Purim.

2.megillah Slang. A tediously detailed or embroidered account: told us the whole megillah.

“…you got the whole magilla, Tim!”


Speaking of magilla, wasn’t there a Magilla Gorilla cartoon?

I’ve got a gorilla for sale
Magilla Gorilla for sale.
Won’t you buy him,
Take him home and try him,
Gorilla for sale.

Don’t you want a little gorilla you can call your own,
A gorilla who’ll be with ya when you’re all alone?

How much is that gorilla in the window?

Take our advice,
At any price,
A gorilla like Magilla is mighty nice.
Gorilla, Magilla Gorilla for sale.

Magilla Gorilla was Jewish?

I was trying to reconcile this as well.

Well, DUH. He wore a YARMULKE, guys. Sheesh.

Magilla’s the name of my pet gorilla in WoW.

In the unlikely case that anyone cares, definition #1 is incomplete. There are 5 megilloth, of which Esther is one. A megillah is a section of the bible that’s too short to be called a book (although the 12 minor prophets sorta break this rule, since they’re grouped together into one book).

The others are Ruth, Ecclesiastes, Song of Songs, and Lamentations.


I always figured “Magilla” was Irish. And the gorilla is wearing one of those silly little Derbies that I always associate with the Irish for some reason, (oh I know! They always depict Leprechauns as wearing them) though I see the Derby was in fact invented by William Bowler in England. I wonder if that means the Bowler was invented by some guy named Derby?

I like how Magilla’s suspenders apparently aren’t there to keep his pants up.

Maybe its like when you investigate famous British authors you discover that most of them really were Irish.

I’ve never seen it spelled out.
But. If you’re going to quote me Senor Amanpour, at least make the quote a random link to my website. Failing that, attribution would be nice.



  1. Having or showing great power, skill, strength or force: a mighty orator; a mighty blow.
  2. Imposing or awesome in size, degree or extent: a mighty stone fortress.


Oh, and everybody? “Magilla” was Bub’s word. I got it from his exceedingly clever post. I did NOT make it up or come up with it myself in any way.

If I could link the quote to his incredibly entertaining and erudite website, I would, but alas, I lack the ability to link things beyond cutting and pasting URL’s. I’ll learn.

“Yeah, but did we get a thimbleful of credit for it? No. All we got was the sack. Just for creating the Pink Bunkadoo.”


Are these all like real quotes or are you just making this shit up?


[size=7][color=red]DO NOT READ GAMERDAD[/color][/size]

No, no no no. I don’t Gamerdad no more. I am tired of waking up on the floor. No thank you please, it only makes me sneeze.


[quote=“Tim Elhajj”]

Are these all like real quotes or are you just making this shit up?[/quote]
Time Bandits?

Why do people (you, Xtien) sign posts? It boggles me, especially if it’s a different name.