The Qt3 Games Podcast needs you! Yes, you!


It’s been relatively easy to keep the movie podcast going regularly for as many years as it’s been going because there are three of us, with flexible schedules, similar interests, and something new to talk about every week. The games podcast, on the other hand, sort of comes and goes. If I don’t do it for a week, there are no regular co-hosts to say, “Uh, dude, we were supposed to do a podcast”. I’ve been fortunate enough to record with various friends, such as Jason McMaster, Nick Diamon, Brandon Cackowski-Schnell, and Matt Peckham. But I’ve never locked any of them down as co-hosts, so none of them has been able to say, “Uh, dude, we were supposed to do a podcast”.

That’s why I need your help. For a stretch of time, the games podcast was a community thing, where a different person every week would pick a game to talk about. I’d talk to that person for a bit, then we’d talk about the game of choice. It was a great opportunity not only for me to meet a bunch of you, but for me to introduce you to everyone else. I loved doing it! I forget why I stopped doing it that way. What was I thinking?

So let’s go back to that. Would anyone be interested in hanging out with me on Skype for about an hour, at whatever time is most convenient for you, to talk about a game you’re playing, or that you used to play, or even that you want to play? I handle all the recording on my end, all you have to do is get a mic and headset set up, and then let me call you on Skype. Who’s in? Speak up in this thread or send me a PM.



I’m always game for some podcasting Tom. I’m in the middle of a move, but I’ll pm you once I have internet set up at the new place and we can schedule something if you want to have me on.


Yeeeeesssssss. I loved those series of podcasts. You are a surpassingly good interviewer and hearing the stories of random board members was surprisingly interesting.


Definitely, just let me know when.


Tom, assuming you don’t mind having a repeat guest, I’d love to do another one. Except this time I’d talk about a game much closer to my heart (which you can probably guess), and I’d promise to keep the crocodile talk to a minimum. No really!


Hey I’d love the chance to do that again, had great fun chatting with you and McMaster jeez, five or so years back? Add me to the list if you would please.


I loved doing a Wing Commander podcast with you and would love to do another podcast.


These were always my favourite podcasts - really glad they’re coming back.


Tom I would be happy to be on a podcast about an Amiga game i used to play 25 years ago when growing up in London.


Sure, I’d be happy to chat with Tom about games for an hour. Though be warned, I rarely play anything less than 2 years old, outside of F2P stuff like Hearthstone.

What? That’s the best part!


Oooooh! Exciting! I’ve always loved the rotating community guest format!


Man that sound awesome Tom. I love this idea for so many reasons (especially as a means of getting more shows, hooray!). I’d be honored to be able to talk for an hour or so with you.

Now everyone raise your hand if your first thoughts on games you would talk about is more than 3 years old?


This was fun last time and I’d be happy to be on your list again. It’ll help because I won’t be in the middle of moving like I was five years ago.

Now to play something that isn’t Rocket League.


I’d certainly be down for a Bitmap Brothers/Sensible Software episode.


Ooo, yes, this sounds delightful :)

I’d be happy to talk anytime. Admittedly, the overwhelming bulk of my playtime these days is dedicated to tabletop RPGs like Fate, Pathfinder, and D&D5E, but if that’s not an appropriate topic and you’d still like me on, there are a few titles I can dredge outta the ol’ memory banks to expound upon :)


Although Speedball and Sensible World of Soccer would be great to talk about I was actually thinking of something else. Maybe you should talk about one of these GY.


I’d love to talk about the criminally underrated and underreported 1994 game Star Crusader to anyone who’d listen!


I’d love to be a part of that, though I should note that 1) English is not my native language (but I can communicate just fine, I think - a “test run” would be advisable, just in case), and 2) Charisma is my dump stat, so not sure how well it would work.

Anyway, the idea of talking about games for an hour with Tom Chick is just too good. I’d really love to get a chance to do that. :)


It would be cool to talk to you Tom but I’d be too worried about saying something that didn’t sound stupid, or about saying anything at all that I would be a horrible guest. In any case it would be fun to listen to hear others on the forum talk to you to get to know them better.


Tom is really great at keeping the conversation going and spurring discussion. I guarantee that you won’t sound stupid while talking to Tom. He’s got a knack for making it seem like you’re sitting in a diner, talking shop while gnoshing on chicken and waffles, rather than being 1000 miles away on Skype.