The Qt3 Games Podcast needs you! Yes, you!


One thing I love about the podcast. Tom excels at getting people to drill down into why they think the way they do about particular games, occasionally bringing up an insight the person may not have known they had. This was very noticeable to me with Brandon. Having listened to him in many other podcasts hearing him with Tom drew out a whole bunch of things that were quite a bit more in depth than Brandon normally goes.

This is no knock on Brandon, but merely a resounding endorsement of Tom’s ability to make you sound good.


I’ll see if I can work up the guts to sign up for a turn. It does sound like a great addition to the game podcast. I don’t think I was listening when Tom had forum members on before.


I caught a few, but the bulk of them were from before I listened regularly. I only started listening to podcasts heavily around 2010. Qt3 was a bit after that.


There was a stretch of game developer guests that threw off the forum member routine and it never really came up again until now. These were always great to listen to so I’m looking forward to getting some new ones.


(not signing up just yet)That sounds great, been missing the games podcast.


I had a great time doing a podcast with you, Tom, and I’d love to do another if you’ll have me. :)


That was a good one, been reading, watching and listening ever since to all things spacegamejunkie.


Glad these are coming back! I’d be happy to give it a go.


Awww, thank you so much. :)


I volunteer to talk about Don’t Starve Together, in which playing with a 7-year-old is nearly indistinguishable from playing with a very friendly griefer.


I’d love the opportunity to do this – Put me down for a future episode.


I’m not volunteering this go around, but I just wanted to add that this has my favorite games podcast by far when you were doing this last time. Getting to know Qt3 members was fantastic. I heard them all, and I only found one of them boring. Which is pretty amazing, considering there were so many of these back then.


I do miss the guest format. It had value in both rotating discussion focus and also putting a face (voice/personality) to the forum regulars outside of just posts.

Thumbs up to revisiting this.


Really glad to hear this format is coming back and the Games Podcast in general which is still my favorite podcast. I’d love to volunteer for one of these even though I have no idea what I could offer as valuable listening topics, does Tom usually come up with the topics on these?


I totally HRosed this:


This was definitely my favorite iteration of the Games podcast, not that I didn’t enjoy later approaches as well. I would be willing to add myself to the list but I need to think what I would talk about. I flit from game to game these days and the stuff I sunk eons into back in the day was long enough ago that I don’t know that I can remember enough.


So glad to get so many responses! And keep them coming. As for repeat guests, it’s been long enough that it probably wouldn’t feel like repeats. I’d be happy to record again with any of you. However, first, I’d like to record with people who haven’t done this yet. So as I’m putting together a master list, first-timers will get priority.

I’m so psyched to get this started again! I’ll be sending out PMs to set up a few weeks in advance, but don’t get discouraged if you don’t hear from me immediately. If you haven’t done this before and you’re willing to do it, you will hear from me at some point.



I’d be incredibly interested in doing one of these, though I’d need to make sure my headset is in working order (those of you I played Guild Wars 2 with may remember this being a regular issue, though I have a different headset now than I did back then) and that my Internet is up for voice chat.

Also, y’know, finding a game I’d be eager to discuss for an hour these days that isn’t a visual novel or Magic: The Gathering.


Haha, that was what I was thinking. That and my voice isn’t probably so good for radio ;). I could probably be coaxed into doing one, but have no idea what game would be good. Put me down as a maybe with a brief chat to figure out if I have enough knowledge and interesting things to say about a game :).


I just wanted to also chime in and say I loved the game podcasts that were in this format, and I super excited that they’re coming back. As someone who doesn’t post a whole lot, I really enjoyed it as a way to get to know some of the folks around here.